Corvallis Hidden Beauties: A Closer Look

The Corvallis public library can be seen.  Corvallis is a hidden gem in between Salem and Eugene, many statues can be seen all throughout downtown highlighting the beauty of this city.

Zoë Sandvigen Beaver's Digest Assistant Editor

Corvallis may not be a big city, but that doesn’t mean urban beauty can’t be found hidden down alleys and on street corners.

Every community has its charm, and our little home is no different. We’ve captured some of the hidden beauties of Corvallis that remind us to take in the little things –in a time like this, small moments can keep us sane.

Statue outside the public library. If you find yourself driving down Monroe, you might be too focused to see the passing surroundings. Our virtual age has begun to shrink the market for books and libraries in general, but there’s still something to be said about opening a book and getting lost in another world. 

The mural outside Taco Vino. One of the beauties of urban scenery is the artwork. Taking time to explore the creativity of the artists who live around you is a rewarding way to feel more connected to the community we all share. 

Happy Trails record store. We may be able to stream any song we think of in a moment’s notice, but the scratch of a record the moment the needle hits will never be forgotten. 

Neighboring mural downtown. Corvallis has many of its alleys downtown full of color such as this one. Taking a walk through the streets may open your eyes to beauty that’s been hiding in plain sight.