Masking Up During the Winter to Stay Healthy and Warm

Kylie Webb is styling a winter fashion outfit for 2021, and is in a parking garage in Corvallis to give a subtle background for the outfit. Fashion with masks is a topic this winter, and trying to find a style that matches is hard, Kylie has paired an all black outfit with a colored puffer jacket to make the mask and jacket stand out. 

Jeremiah Estrada, News Contributor

Now that we’re in the winter season with the pandemic still going on, we can come up with new ways to match our masks with our winter clothing Even though masks are a necessity, it doesn’t mean we can’t look stylish while being safe. .

Everyone is used to bundling up around this time of year, but with COVID-19 here this winter, we have another article of clothing to wear– our masks. . There are many different types of masks to pair with your outfits from traditional surgical masks to warm cotton masks. We’ve curated a list of possible mask and outfit combos for you to check out. 

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You can’t go wrong with using a classic fabric mask with your outerwear. The material adds a layer of warmth and protection to your nose and mouth. The wide variety of styles make it easy to match with any outfit you have in mind. Lighter colored cotton masks can be worn with different colors of vests and dark colored masks can be worn with a parka or leather jacket. A cotton mask that’s a neutral color is also  safe to complement any outfit.

To build off of what cotton masks already offer, using a quilted mask with your winter clothing is a good choice to make to keep yourself warm and fashionable. This version of face coverings has a quilted design and includes padding which adds more warmth to the user. These come in an array of colors and can be worn with a puffer or bomber jacket, which is where  the unique design pulled its inspiration from.

Masks with an attached or built-in scarf takes the extra step to keep you cozy this winter. This kind of face covering will keep your face and neck secured in warmth and health. They come in a range of colors and textures to best match your outerwear. Try playing around with a  plaid or denim jacket for some extra spunk. 

Another hybrid form of masks are the mix of face masks and earmuffs. This combination will keep you safe from catching a cold and make sure your ears are warm.. This piece is offered in a selection of colors and the fluffy fabric looks attractive and makes you stand out. Try pairing this mask with a crewneck sweatshirt or a fleece jacket.

The last tip for matching your face masks with winter clothes is to use a surgical mask with your outfits. These masks are a surefire way to keep yourself safe from germs and come in many colors other than original styles such as blue, pink, purple and black. To keep you and your body warm enough, this mask can be worn with a turtleneck and an overcoat, or with a cotton jacket and a scarf wrapped around your neck.

With all these different ideas, you are bound to find the best choice of masks to use outside this year. This winter you can dress in your favorite type of mask with your best outfit thanks to the endless selection of options available.


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