Creative Ways to Mask Up this Halloween

Illustration for Halloween Costumes that include masks. This depiction is for Beaver’s Digest as Halloween approaches. 

Jeremiah Estrada, News Contributor

With Halloween right around the corner, many are brainstorming what they want to dress up as this year. Although there is a pandemic going on, we can make the most of it and use a face mask as a part of our costumes.

There are tons of creative ways that a cloth mask or disposable mask can be implemented in a costume for this holiday. These ideas can range from using them to dress as your favorite superhero, character, celebrity or putting your own original spin on it.

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Movie and Television Characters

There is an endless amount of designs that can be styled on to cloth masks whether it is a pattern or a graphic that nicely covers your mouth and nose. Thanks to this, there are various kinds of face masks to purchase out there based on characters from popular TV shows and movies. A couple of my favorites are Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas or Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus. Or maybe you’re more of a Baby Yoda type from “Stars Wars: The Mandalorian”. Homer Simpson from “The Simpsons” perhaps? There are tons of TV inspired masks out there per a quick Google search.


Many comic book or superhero fanatics can take the opportunity of this holiday to dress up as one of their favorite heroes, considering a lot of heros already wear masks.  Whether you’re a Marvel or DC fanatic, this is the time to suit up while using a face covering to stay safe. A unique approach to this is a onesie costume that covers the body from head to toe which tackles the problem of spreading germs by already covering the mouth and nose. Some superheroes  that already rock this look are Spiderman or Deadpool. If you’re not into the full body look maybe shoot for Wonder Woman and use  a mask with her logo on it. Or going as Captain America with  a mask that displays his shield looks great as well.

Special Material

If you want to get more creative with your costume, getting a cloth mask that is made differently could be the way to go. By “made differently”, this refers to how the mask is designed and what material it’s made of. Some examples could be having glitter on it, bedazzled with rhinestones or glow in the dark. Costume ideas for these could be pairing a rhinestone mask with a  flapper dress from the 1920’s. Another unique idea is to use a glow in the dark mask with an alien costume. These concepts and more can give you the freedom to use a mask creatively.

Classic Masks

You can’t go wrong with a traditional medical mask or plain cloth mask. If you don’t have time or money to spare buying a new mask for Halloween, no need to fret. Cloth and medical masks come in a variety of colors and can ultimately match any type of outfit or costume. A black or neutral-colored cloth mask is always a safe bet to make sure whatever you plan to wear this Halloween  looks good. If this is  too bland for your taste, consider getting a mask with a simple festive  design or pattern. A mask with a jack-o-lantern on it or a candy corn pattern can always tie your costume together.

The choices are endless this Halloween when thinking of ways to stay safe, but also stylish by wearing a face covering. Masks come in a variety of different colors, patterns and designs to perfectly match the outfit that you have in mind. This accessory can help make your costume come to life.


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