OSU campus offers resources for holistic student health

Student Health Services building located next to Kelly Engineering building on September 30th. 

Moving to college during a pandemic can be exhausting physically and mentally, but worry not, Oregon State University has resources to help you through this challenging transition.

Counseling & Psychological Services

Oregon State University Counseling & Psychological Services, also known as CAPS, offers a variety of services to students such as individual counseling, couples counseling and suicide risk prevention. Due to COVID-19, all counseling is provided remotely. If you are feeling stressed and need to talk with someone, you can make an appointment here or call CAPS at 541-737-2131.

CAPS has single sessions of counseling where students can talk about any concerns within confidentiality and work with their counselor to make an specialized action plan. For those that prefer group counseling, CAPS also offers group sessions that typically begin meeting after the second week of the term. These groups are specific to a given topic to help students get the assistance they need. More information about the groups here


Student Health Services

When you are starting college you’ll meet new people, go on adventures and begin to figure out who you really are. While having fun is an important part of this journey, it’s always good to be prepared and take care of yourself. Student Health Services offers students sensitive, judgement-free care. This includes sexual health care such as contraceptives, safer sex services and testing and treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases, as well as any other support you may need. 

As a new student at Oregon State, you have to submit all your immunization records to Student Health Services. If you still need some of the required shots, no worries! You can always go to SHS to complete your immunization. These services are usually charged to your insurance, so don’t forget to bring your insurance card and student ID to your appointment. 

If you suspect that you might have COVID-19, the SHS has set up an Urgent Care area where students with possible COVID-19 infections can be attended to. This area is separated from the rest of the building for the safety of the students and staff. Students that have serious symptoms of COVID-19 such as difficulty breathing, chest pain or pressure and/or decrease in mental function will be transferred to Good Samaritan Hospital Emergency Department.

If you are a student looking to have a checkup for any other reason that is not related to COVID-19, you should call 541-737-9355 where a receptionist will determine if you need to be seen in person or use Telehealth, a remote option that SHS has set to communicate with students. For more information on how to set an appointment, visit their website here.


Recreational Sports

Oregon State University has a variety of sports facilities such as tennis courts, a pool, rock climbing, basketball, a full size gym and a number of other assets that students can use to stay in shape and healthy. Dixon Recreation Center is home to most of these activities, and the best part is your membership is included in your tuition! 

Due to COVID-19, Dixon requires students to use a mask while using the indoor gym facilities, and has a COVID-19 screening at the entrance where you’ll have to answer a couple of questions and have your temperature taken before you’re allowed in. Students that show signs of COVID-19 will not be allowed inside to ensure the safety for all other students and staff.

Dixon’s soccer fields are now reopened and the outdoor soccer courts right outside Dixon are a great place to meet up with your friends for some safe hangout time. 

For those students that do not have the necessary equipment to play tennis, volleyball or basketball, Dixon can lend you the necessary equipment for all three. Make sure to have your student ID, you’ll need it to borrow any equipment. When checking out equipment, make sure to ask when you have to return it to ensure you’re not charged a fee or possibly get your borrowing benefits revoked. 

If you want to meet people that enjoy the same sports that you do, there are also sports clubs on campus that students can join, such as the Tennis Club. If you are interested in knowing more about the available clubs, check the list of Sports Clubs by clicking here.


Craft Center

If you are an DIY enthusiast or are looking for a way to release some stress from your class overload, the Craft Center might be what you are looking for. The Craft Center is a place where students can explore their creativity. The center is free and provides students with tools to express themselves such as clay materials and tools. 

Due to COVID-19 the center has become remote. Alternatively students can pay a small fee and take craft kits overnight to work on their projects instead of working in the Craft Center facilities. 

Another cool thing that the Craft Center has prepared for students is their initiative “Celebrate Your Art.” The initiative encourages students to submit their artwork to the Craft Center so can be shared on the Craft Center’s Instagram. This can help some entrepreneur students looking for followers, the ability to reach their goals, or to bond with your Instagram audience by sharing creative projects.  

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