Marina Brazeal

Oregon State Beavers will be having a dam good time jamming to a popular artist on June 2 from 2pm to 10pm of this spring term. DAM JAM is a campus event that showcases a well-known artists and allows students to come together to dance the stress away.

DAM JAM has been put on by the OSU Program Council (OSUPC) since 2014. Artists that have been featured in the past include Mike Posner, B.o.B., T-Pain and Amine. This year will have the featured artist as well as more day time festival events for students to partake in. This will include local bands, student groups, giveaways, food carts and other engaging activities.

“DAM JAM is one of the largest events at OSU, and requires so many different community partners,” Zack Simmons, OSUPC Director said. His primary job is to oversee and support the main coordinators. He was the former coordinator for last year’s event and this is his third year being a part of the OSUPC team. 

In previous years, the students would vote on which artist they wanted to see perform. This year, they decided to switch it up in order to prevent making false promises to the students on campus. According to Simmons, the music business is too hectic of a place to try and pin down a single artist.

DAM JAM is considerably one the most exciting traditions of the academic year. “We have received anecdotes about students choosing to come to OSU because of DAM JAM,” Simmons said.  An event like DAM JAM is primarily funded through the sales of the event’s tickets. A small portion of that also comes from student fees and sponsors, according to Simmons.

After hinting at who the performing artists are, it was released today that Kyle and Alison Wonderland will be performing on June 2 in Reser Stadium. These artists guarantee a good time. “The artist selected will be very fun and put on a great show,” Simmons promised.

OSUPC has put in long hours to ensure that their Beaver peers have a fun and safe time at DAM JAM. “It’s great to see the work come to life,” Simmons said. 

Photography by Jensen Ocampo and OMN 

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