Shasta Weekend in Corvallis: What to Do

Shasta Weekend in Corvallis: What to Do

Emma Brown

Shasta may be fun, but it might not be for you. Don’t worry, there are countless things to do if your friends are going to be out of town, or even if they’re not going! 

Take a relaxing weekend away

Corvallis is surrounded by countless opportunities for a beach trip, mountain trip or camping trip! Collect a small group of friends and find a destination close by to enjoy a little time away. Whether it’s a quick trip to Newport, a jaunt on over to Mount Hood or even a night under the stars, you’ll enjoy the breath of fresh air away from responsibilities.

Baseball Civil War

The Beavers and the Ducks baseball teams will go head to head in a three game series this weekend. Head on over to Goss Stadium on May 11th, 12th and 13th to support the number one team in college baseball! Bring your enthusiasm and Beavs gear and get ready to cheer your heart out.

Support the OSU Theater Department

The original play, “The Upward-Beating Heart” opens at the OSU theater this weekend. The play is a romantic drama set during the Spanish Civil War. Tickets are only $5 for students and $12 for general admission, plus you get to support the work of your peers in the process! If you’re looking for more information, check out our feature on the production in BD’s Volume 3 Issue 2.

Celebrate Mom/Family

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14th so why not take the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family? Take the people you love out to a fun dinner, go see a movie or just take some time out of your day to show them that you care. You’ll feel good knowing that the people you care about most feel appreciated!

Visit the Corvallis Farmers Market

Spend your Saturday morning browsing the endless stalls of fresh, local produce. From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday, local farmers and vendors set up camp down by the river on 2nd in Corvallis. After, you can spend your Saturday evening cooking up a delicious meal with the natural ingredients you picked up along the way!

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