10 Reasons Why Spring Term is the BEST

10 Reasons Why Spring Term is the BEST

Roman Battaglia

Maybe you’re a freshman and have never experienced spring term at OSU? Well, let us tell you why spring term is the BEST!

1. Weather

It’s finally sunny and warm, time to put on those tank tops and slip on your shorts and soak in the sun before it disappears again. Don’t forget your sunscreen and head out to a Baseball or Softball game!

2. End of the School Year

Finally! After two grueling rain-soaked and cold terms, you’re almost there. For most, spring term means it’s the end of the school year, and that means summer is fast approaching.

3. Campus is Beautiful

Get off your phone while walking between classes and take in how beautiful our campus looks during spring. All of the flowers are blooming, the trees are getting their leaves back and you can finally go hang out on the MU quad (when the grass is dry at least).

4. PAC Classes

If you’ve ever made the mistake of taking an outdoor PAC class in the winter–you know it’s not the same. In spring term, you can finally walk to class in your athletic shorts and tank top without freezing, and running can actually be fun now that the sun is beginning to peek through the clouds.

5. The River

Who would want to go into a cold river in the dead of winter? No one? I thought so, but in the spring, the weather gets warm enough that taking a trip down to the river with your friends is a great way to spend an afternoon. Especially on hot days, the river is a great place to go when you need to cool off. More importantly, it’s great for those of us not fortunate enough to not have air conditioning.

6. Hiking 

With the flowers in bloom and the birds out to sing, going on a hike is super enjoyable during spring term. Try taking a go at Bald Hill, which is just west of campus, past the fairgrounds–you can even walk there from campus. The views are incredible and on a sunny day you can have lots of fun taking in the fresh air.

7. Dam Jam

We can’t forget the headliner event of the term (or maybe even the year), Dam Jam! Grab your ticket and count down the days till June 3rd, when you can go have fun all night listening to some amazing music right here on campus. You can read more about the 2016 event in anticipation for this years here, which featured T-Pain.

8. The Corvallis Farmers Market

Time to grab your reusable shopping bags and head on down to the Corvallis Farmers Market by the waterfront on 1st. Here you can find fresh fruits and veggies as well as lots of sweet treats. The market is open weekly starting April 15th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday and Saturday.

9. Spring Family Weekend

May 5th through 7th brings us the time honored tradition of family weekend, when your beloved family members are welcomed to visit and bring you that charger or stuffed animal you forgot at home during spring break. There will be several events on campus, like the comedy show and the art show as well as many other events from crafting to eating.

10. Graduation

You’ve been waiting a whole year for this (or four years), and the time has finally come to move on. June 17th marks graduation for those students lucky enough to earn their degrees this year. Kiss your friends goodbye as you head off to your job in the real world (or your parents basement, everyone has to start somewhere).

With that being said Beavs, here’s to another great term in the Best College Town in the PAC 12!

Photography by Allef Vinicius (via unsplash.com)