This ‘Bug Quiz’ Attempts to Reveal One of Your Early Childhood Memories

This ‘Bug Quiz’ Attempts to Reveal One of Your Early Childhood Memories

Madison Delgado

Pick a bug and we’ll attempt to describe a memory from your childhood:

Your mom drove you to McDonalds so you could play in the play place, but it was under construction so you couldn’t go that day. You never forgave her. You intentionally spilled fries under the seat in her car.

Your grandparents picked you up after a dentist appointment and took you to the mall. They let you pick out a bear from Build-a-Bear and you narrowed down the choice between the golden bear or the tan bunny–your grandma rushed you to leave, so you decide on the bunny. You still lay awake at night thinking about the golden bear.

Your father took you to a music festival and you both waited in line for the port-o-potties. You got out first and as you opened the door the largest man you have ever seen with a beard like Santa entered the port-o-potty next to yours. His large size scared you, but his Santa-like features calmed you as you knew he could carry you to safety if needed.

You were super excited to go to the zoo and see the polar bears. Your mom, however, wanted to see the butterfly exhibit. The butterflies began to land on your back and you froze, not wanting to crush their little bodies, but also overcome with fear of bugs touching you. You still flinch every time a butterfly gets too close.

One time your dad dropped you off at your mom’s and she had gotten you a cupcake from her work. It had sprinkles on it and a ring with star. You wore the ring for a week even though it kind of pinched you and never was totally clean of frosting.

Your grandma let you sleep in her room one summer because it was the coldest room in the house and you suffered from hayfever. She secretly gave you candy and you two would watch Maya and Miguel you taped. She snored a little.

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