Finding a Furrrrever Home: Heartland Humane Society

Finding a Furrrrever Home: Heartland Humane Society

Heartland Humane Society is a small, locally owned, non-profit animal welfare organization located in Corvallis, Oregon. Specializing in animal adoptions, Heartland Humane Society helps over 2,000 dogs, cats and small animals find their furrrrrever homes each year. Along with animal adoptions, Heartland Humane Society has an animal lost and found program, animal education classes and a pet food pantry.

Last week we went to Heartland Humane Society in search of a young pup–but if pups aren’t your flavor don’t fret! Along with an assortment of big and small dogs were cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds and even a horse (which wasn’t on site.) We had looked online before going to see what sort of dogs they had–a sly fella named Ollie caught our eye!

When you ask to meet a pup, a couple things may happen. They could take you out to one of the two little kennel areas to meet them outside, or to a meeting room where the dog can be off leash. Then, if you connect on a spiritual level to the dog (like we did with Ollie), they bring up the dog’s file and begin the paperwork for their adoption.

Here is where our story takes a tragic turn, but ends bittersweet. We left the meeting room to get started on the paperwork, which is very thorough! After we submitted the paperwork a lady came in and told us sadly we were not going to be recommended for the adoption of Ollie. I know, tragic. However, it was a testament to Heartland’s commitment to get their animals into quality forever homes. (Update: Ollie has since been adopted!!)

Maybe adoption doesn’t fit into your lifestyle at the moment, we get it, but you may still be longing for the love and affection of a small fluffy angel. Well, Heartland Humane Society offers various volunteering opportunities for people just like you! If you want to pet and love animals, cat socialization may be your cup of tea! With only a short orientation, you can sign up for time slots to pet cats and get them used to people. With a little more training, you can become a dog walker, give general care to animals such as grooming, feeding, etc. or even help potential adopters find their perfect adoptee. Countless options are available to anyone so you can get your fix of animal love in a way that’s right for you.