It’s Here: No Shave November

It’s Here: No Shave November

Maddie Bradshaw

Halloween is over and November is here. A month full of anticipation for the holidays and many of us are looking forward to that delicious Thanksgiving dinner. However, November does have another notable tradition, No Shave November.

According to, the purpose of No Shave November is to grow out our hair without shaving for a month. Many cancer patients lose their hair when going through treatments and this tradition is to grow hair for those who cannot. Few people who participate in the tradition are not aware of it’s true meaning.

Tyler Gastiaburu, an Oregon State junior, has participated in this tradition for several years now. He claims, “The reason I like to participate in no shave November is because it gives me a chance to grow out the nastiest, gnarly beard I can grow in a month, and it is a fun competition between other guys in my fraternity.” This tradition can be fun especially when competing with others to see who can grow the most hair.


When asked if he thinks girls should be allowed to participate in No Shave November, Gastiaburu replied, “I think if girls want to do it they should! For the people in college, it is just a fun rivalry and I think that girls should be able to participate if they choose.”

Maglyn Ivins Kittlitz, a Merchandising Management major at Oregon State, says, “I appreciate my hair because it gave me great eyelashes, and that is why I participate in No Shave November.” This tradition is for men and women to embrace their hair.

Huffington Post said on the matter, “More hair, more donations, more research, and hopefully more cures. It makes sense and creates a fun social experience.”

If you’re thinking about participating in No Shave November, put down that razor and do it for the beard (or legs ladies), and for cancer awareness.

Photography by Felix Russel-Saw (via