BD Editor’s Ultimate #TBT

BD Editor 1 #TBT

In celebration of our Editor-in-Chief, Gabe Fleck’s, upcoming birthday on November 7th. We thought it would be fun to have an ultimate Throwback Thursday. We have rounded up the most ancient photos we could find of both Gabe Fleck and Brittni Cooper, our Assistant Editor, to reveal their little selves to the world. Included here are some funny, cute, awkward and downright embarrassing photos of our top staff. Have a great Thursday and enjoy these gems!

GABE, BD Editor-in-Chief

Gabe giving a celebratory fist bump (he still does this)!

Gabe’s first day of school.

Gabe and his younger sister.

Gabe and his cousins enjoying a day in Portland.

Gabe helping out in the kitchen.

Gabe’s mom giving him a birthday kiss.

BRITTNI, BD Assistant Editor

Brittni with her three younger siblings, how sweet are they?

Brittni and her (favorite) sister, Kaitlyn.

Brittni with her parents, back when she was still an only child.

Finally, Brittni would like to give a S/O to her mom for this awesome haircut.