The Spirits of Corvallis

The Spirits of Corvallis

Emily Doherty

It’s no secret that Oregon is known for craft beer and local wineries. Even in Corvallis, the streets flow with local brews and the town is surrounded in vino. However, Corvallis has much more to offer than people actually know with it’s three micro distilleries. Each distillery creates hand-crafted products adding their own flare to the Corvallis spirits. The best part is, they all have tasting rooms open for anyone 21 and older and sell their products in most local liquor stores! Here’s a rundown of the spirits of Corvallis:

Vivacity Fine Spirits

Vivacity Fine Spirits is the first stop on our distillery ‘tour’, located just north of Corvallis in the Lewisburg area. Vivacity Fine Spirits is owned and operated by the spouse team of Caitlin Prueitt and Chris Neumann. Together, the two have grown their distillery and now offer fine vodka, London dry style gin, an Oregon botanical gin, traditional rum and a Turkish coffee Liqueur. The goal the pair has for their products is to provide a new horizon of flavors and experiences with new tastes that are crafted with locally sourced products. Bonus fact: Caitlin is an Oregon State Alumni!

Spiritopia Craft Spirits

Spiritopia is actually located right next to Vivacity, just north of Corvallis. Founder Chris Beatty, aka the “Spirit Chemist”, has created a line up that include a Ginger Liqueur, Apple Liqueur, Pomegranate Liquor and an Apple Brandy (a tasting room special). The company follows a philosophy of creating a perfect balance of essence, spirit and sweetness in all of their products.

4 Spirits Distillery

4 Spirits Distillery is actually located in Adair Village, but is still considered to be apart of the local Corvallis distillery scene. Dawson Officer is the owner and a U.S. Army veteran. The product line he has crafted includes an American whiskey, bourbon whiskey, a collection of different rums, vodka, and a character collection of vodka (around here, we see the Slaptail Vodka). The distillery supports and stands behind U.S. war veterans, active service members and those who have paid the ultimate price for our country.

Overall, these micro-distilleries are contributing to not only the local businesses of Corvallis, but also embodying the spirit of local crafts in their products. Each distillery is providing their own unique products that embody the spirit of their distilleries and the spirit of Corvallis itself. Indulge responsibly and only if you’re over the age of 21 Beaver nation!

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