Surefire Ways to Get Out of a Funk

There are many simple solutions to breaking out of a bad mood. This illustration shows one of them: catching up on sleep can break a bad cycle. 

Have you felt out of touch with yourself lately? You might feel like you’re just going through the motions and don’t have motivation to do anything. This can be especially true now, as we’ve entered another year in the pandemic. Luckily, to break yourself out of this short-term rut, there are many ways to get back on track.

Move Around

Extreme exercise isn’t necessary for this, but any type of movement can do wonders. This would be helpful to both your physical and mental health. Activities that can get your blood flowing and heart rate up include taking a walk, yoga, jump rope and dancing.

Get Good Sleep

Being a student or even working a job might cost you many hours of sleep from time spent studying or working. Your body and mind might not be in the right place from the lack of sleep. You can adjust your schedule to get more sleep by going to bed early or sleeping in to get a good night’s rest.

Listen to Music

With millions of songs out there, you’re bound to find something to uplift your mood. Making a new playlist for yourself would make for a fun activity and help you feel better. Slow songs might not be the best choice to be more energetic though. 

Healthy Eating

Food can put you in a good mood, but sometimes, eating too much junk can make you feel kind of blah. Adding some whole foods to your daily diet can help you feel more lively inside and out. These include fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, which all offer various health benefits.

Do Some Journaling

This writing outlet would make for a good place to organize your thoughts and feelings. You can start by grabbing your favorite journal or buying a new one if you want. In this, you can write about your goals, reflect on your day or make a to-do list for the week.

Go on a Trip

You can travel to the nearest beach or park or someplace many miles away – safely, of course. Getting out for a change of scenery in a new city or nature is good for the mind. Even planning out the itinerary for the trip can be just as fun as the activity.

Treat Yourself

Remembering to relax and give yourself a break from everything can do you good. You can treat yourself by getting a massage, going shopping or eating somewhere nice. These are ideas you are well deserving of and can make you feel much better.

Watch Something

Another way to take a break is to kick back and turn on the TV. You can marathon through a new show or movie or tune in to one of your favorite sports. This allows you to take it easy for an hour or so and can be enjoyed with some snacks.

Adopt a Pet

Playing with a pet is proven to boost your serotonin and dopamine levels. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to consider adopting a cat, dog or other pet. You can visit a local shelter to find one of these critters and you’ll come home happier than when you left.

Connect With People

Some people in your life might be thinking about you, so checking in with them would be a bright idea. You can call or text one of your relatives or friends to catch up and update them on your life. They will be happy you reached out and you will, too.

Create Something

Whether you’re a rookie artist or an expert, making art can be fun. You can gather some supplies to draw with pencils or pens, paint on a canvas or even do some pottery. Channeling some of your artistic skills should be able to make your world more colorful.

Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Maybe the reason you’re in a funk is that you’re in need of some new clothes. If that’s the case and even if it’s not, try going to the store to buy something new or sort through your closet. This is also a good opportunity to get rid of old clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Learn a New Hobby

Taking up a new skill or hobby is a good way to spend your time and you can even impress your friends. Learning a new instrument, roller skating or crocheting are all great ideas to put yourself out there and enlighten yourself. You can even try doing this hobby with a friend.

Make a New Friend

There are billions of people in this world which means there is someone out there who would love to meet you. You can come across a new friend in one of your classes or on social media. Get to know this person by inviting them to study with you, sending a joke, sharing some secrets or telling a story, and they’ll be glad they made a new friend, too.

Start a Garden

To get into a better mood might require you to get your hands a little dirty. Growing some plants in your backyard can make your home more lively and green. In the long run, it’s also nice to be able to grow your own food.

Engaging in these activities can be the first step to getting out of that funk. It’s also good to stay positive and keep an open mind when trying these out. Following these tips can also serve as an opportunity to discover something new about yourself along the way.

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