Best Places to Get Snapshots of Your Time as a Beav

Trey Webb, a Senior in Anthropology and French, photographs Madeleine Moyano, a Senior and Double Major in Environmental Sciences and Public Policy. The end of Spring term is just around the corner and you’re sure to see our outgoing Seniors posing all over campus, here’s a highlight of the best spots.

With COVID-19 precautions making graduation plans so uncertain, there’s one thing that’s definitely going to happen: graduation pictures. 

Just because you can’t have a proper ceremony doesn’t mean showing off all of your hard work and accomplishments is out of the question. Put on a nice outfit, your stole, your cap and gown and flaunt what your time at Oregon State University has given you. 

But where should I take these stunning photos, you might ask? We’ve got you covered. Here are a handful of iconic places every senior should plan to take their pictures at. It’s a rite of passage, one might say, as you begin to enter the next steps of life into the real world. 


Weatherford Arch 

You don’t need to have been a past resident to photograph here. You have the option of standing under the arch, in the pathway lined with trees in the front or on the steps in the back. While you can get stuck here for hours, remember that there are still many other stops on your photoshoot escapade.   

Memorial Union Quad and Steps

For many students, a lot of their time has been spent at the MU. Not to mention, it is arguably the most magnificent building on campus. Sit or stand on the steps leading up to the front doors, pose in the walkway or even on the grass in the quad. Use your creativity at this location and get capturing!

College’s Main Building Hall

Try out some poses in front of the main building of the college you are graduating with a degree from, or in front of the major-specific building you likely spent a lot of time in. For instance, if you are a business student, pose in front of Austin Hall to show off your beautiful self in front of that beautiful building. English major? Sit on the steps of Moreland Hall. If you’re an agricultural sciences student, maybe get some pictures in front of the Strand. 

Hot Spot Hangout 

This might be your favorite restaurant to go to with friends or just somewhere that had a major impact on your college experience. Everyone’s place will be different, but get creative and find a spot that has meaning behind it; a place that tells a story which you can look back on to remember all the amazing times you had there. 

Oregon State Sign 

Last, but certainly not least, the famous Oregon State University sign located on SW 26th Street and SW Western Blvd. This one just speaks for itself. We recommend making this your final destination during your nostalgic photo shoot extravaganza. 


If you’re in the town of Corvallis, there are loads of options. From campus to your favorite restaurant, take yourself—and your photographer—down memory lane. Grab some friends or snap some single shots; take whatever pictures capture you and your time here, in your final moments as a beav.

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