Cruisin’ to Campus: Where to Study for Finals

Ellie Phillips, 4th year in music education, can be seen studying intently for finals. With finals rolling in, amidst social distancing and virtual learning, OSU provides locations to study all hours of the day in the MU, SEC or the Valley Library.

With finals right around the corner, students are beginning to realize being stuck at their desk in their house for days on end might not be good for the mind or the body. 

In the years past, campus was booming during finals week. Circling each floor at the Valley Library or even just trying to find somewhere to sit down on campus may have taken hours. 

Like many things in the world now, studying on campus is not what it once was. However, there are still buildings open with tables and desks available for studious individuals — with masks on and properly socially distanced of course.  

One of the places that has stayed open during most, if not all of quarantine, is the Memorial Union. Here is a link with information regarding updated COVID-19 policies and procedures for the MU: . Within this link, you can also find a document that goes in detail about reservations and updated policies. Any questions you may have, can be answered here. 

As Austin Hall is typically a place for business students, COVID has no bias.While you cannot get into the private rooms without a student ID that says you are a business student, the lobby has tables all over that are open for everyone. With the big windows that give off natural lighting, it’s the perfect place to be productive while also getting mental checks every time you wish to gaze out into the real world. 

If Austin is full, head across the quad to LINC. I’m sure we all miss those deadly, never ending stairs that seem as if they’re leading you to heaven. Students aren’t allowed in any of the classrooms, but there’s tables out in the open and plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in. Here, you do not need any reservations, instead it’s first come first serve. If you’re alone, or if you brought a friend, masks still need to be worn at all times no matter where you find yourself . 

The Valley Library is still open, but it’s not the same library as some of us once knew. However, there’s less people which makes for an even quieter study space than before. It’s by appointment only, with seat reservations required to schedule online, which can be found here:

Although these are not the only places to study on campus, they’re a great place to escape to when you’re tired of staring at your computer desk. Next time you have a full day of studying, or even a few hours, take a stroll through campus like the good old days. Check these places out, or wander your way into a different hall such as Kelley Engineering or Johnson Hall. Mask up and study hard for finals.

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