So, What if You Don’t Do Anything for Valentine’s Day?

Illustration by Soleil Haskell, OMN Cartoonist This illustration represents self-love and the solidity that comes from being your own valentine.
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Valentine’s day will be here in two days, let me ask you, have you made plans? If you don’t have a partner you plan on celebrating with, no worries! This year is all about you. 

Several students from Oregon State University agreed to express their views on Valentine’s Day and the intimacy it brings.

Yonathan Leonal Viquez Carrer, a fourth year ocean science student,  thinks Valentine’s Day is an ordinary day for him. He hasn’t had any relationship for years. He tried dating, but it didn’t end up well. 

Having a relationship is even more challenging for him since he is extremely  busy with his studies. Since he is about to graduate, he has to work 15 hours a week in the library and take 5 courses during winter term. 

Carrer mentioned that if there is time in the future when he spends Valentine’s Day with a partner, he hopes to sit down and have a simple meal. 

“I don’t need expensive gifts or money. The most important thing for me is that the people I care about also care about me. We just sit and chat together, that’s all I need,” Carrer. 

Zoe Yang, a psychology student at OSU, ended a relationship recently. This year’s Valentine’s Day may be a difficult day for her. . Yang believes that maintaining a relationship requires a lot of effort. 

Being single has been hard for Yang since she enjoys sharing her emotions with a close partner. When she lacks that special someone to have those moments with she often gets upset.

Yang’s ideal Valentine’s Day is to spend it at the beach or in the forest. She loves to  prepare surprise gifts, make food and accompany her partner to do whatever they enjoy.

Being single on Valentine’s Day may not sound so pleasant. But no one said you cannot celebrate valentine on your own or with your lovely friend who is also single. One thing is amazing being single is that you can do whatever you want at any time, isn’t it?

Here’s some fun thing you can do on that day.

Go to the grocery, buy yourself flowers

I know, on Valentine’s day the grocery might be full of flowers and couples hanging around. Just ignore them and buy yourself a bouquet as a treat. Overall, you should be the one who loves yourself more than anyone else. 

Watch your favorite movie

You deserve a little break, It’s not just Valentine’s day but also Friday! So call your friend to come over and share your favorite movie with them. Don’t forget to grab the perfect snacks. 

Put your phone aside and don’t use social media for the day

Being single is definitely an enjoyable lifestyle but … social media makes being single less fun on that particular day. So shut your phone down! You do you today!

Tell yourself you deserve any love and you love yourself

It might sound ridiculous but do it. Please remember that you are single not because you are worthless, either you haven’t found that special someone, or you’re just choosing to focus on you. When you’re in love with someone, you may miss all your time once spent alone, so cheers to a day to celebrate loving yourself and those around you!


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