Food for first years from off-campus

A juicy Cheesy Stuffed burger sits open faced, stuffed with cheese and showing topping options. 

It’s 6 p.m. on a Wednesday evening. You’re tired from all the studying, practicing, drawing or working out, but most of all, you are starving. 

Everyday has been the same meal, a turkey pesto sandwich from Five Four One, and you are looking for something that will break the monotonous routine of your diet. Thankfully, as a student of Oregon State University, you have way more options than just on-campus dining. 

Here in Corvallis, options of food range from every corner of the world. There is Mexican, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian and much more to choose from. However, because it is 2020, we live in nefarious times. Covid-19 has changed the landscape of dining forever, and has left many OSU students confused as to how to get off-campus food. Fortunately, there are many restaurants that have the ability to deliver food right to wherever you are located.

The best way to find these restaurants is to go onto apps such as Yelp or Google to find locations that provide delivery. Here are some examples just to get your imagination running. 

La Rockita Downtown offers traditional Mexican food with friendly customer service and quick food delivery. Block 15 Brewing Co. is a brewpub that serves sandwiches and pasta, and another similar restaurant is Cheesy Stuffed Burgers who create some of the world’s most creative burgers. 

Obviously there are much more; however, do be aware that not every restaurant offers food delivery. Even though there are plenty of options for delivery, some Corvallis restaurants do not have this option. But that does not mean that food is not available. Instead of the food being delivered to your dorm, you have the option to go out and get it, an amazing opportunity to discover a little bit more of Corvallis.

A lot of the locations, including the ones listed above, use third party delivery systems to send the food to the customer. The best bet to get your food from these places is going to be apps on your phone such as GrubHub, UberEats and DoorDash. These apps are highly recommended by the OSU community to get whatever food you want delivered to you. 

Just as a head’s up, because those third party delivery apps do the delivery, they will charge an extra fee. As you are all college students, you are all probably aware that those apps cost a little bit more, but an extra tip does not hurt in the slightest. If you do decide to use one of these delivery apps, be aware that it is likely that the person delivering your food is probably an OSU student as well. In order to create a supporting culture of students, think of adding a tip. Tips can go a long way!

Due to the new Covid-19 procedures, these off-campus delivery systems will need to be escorted by campus officials. Deliveries will be delivered to the first floor of any dorm, but cannot be delivered to any specific level.

UHDS allows food delivery on campus and even provides food delivery of on-campus food to your dorm as well. That’s right, UHDS delivers food to your dorm from specific restaurants from on-campus locations. 

“We have several options for students, including to-go express menu items,” said Director of Residential Dining and University Catering Kerry Paterson “UHDS is currently exploring adding mobile ordering for pick up and increasing its delivery options this year beyond the late night Food2You program we have been doing these past few years. Our goal is to offer delivery during all meal periods to all of campus.” 

So, in any case of hunger, just know that OSU has your back, and will not let you down!

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