Pandemic Pumpkin Carving: A How-To

Zoë Sandvigen Beaver's Digest Assistant Editor

Okay so it’s almost Halloween and if you haven’t carved a pumpkin yet this. Is. The. Time. Like right now, the spookiest night of the year is this weekend people! I’m sure you’ve all picked up the knife at least once in your life– but here’s a little refresher on how it’s done. 

We all know the steps right? Get the pumpkin, open the pumpkin and clean it out, carve, candle, enjoy. It’s relatively simple, so in this case maybe this short clip can be for those who aren’t going to carve a pumpkin. An opportunity to live vicariously through my mediocre carving skills and abilities maybe.

Whatever brings you here today I hope you enjoy. I know I had fun putting this film together despite having absolutely no video editing training whatsoever. It’s the thought that counts combined with the love of pumpkins I know we all share. Happy Halloween my spooky souls.

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