Places Around Corvallis to Study– Other Than Your Dorm Room

Correction: This article originally stated that study rooms were available for reservation in the Valley Library. However, only study seats are available. Beaver’s Digest regrets our error. 

Studying can be monotonous, especially when confined to your dorm room. Not only that, but studying in the place you sleep and relax can be less productive than a place you go purely for studying. Worry no longer, here are X places to study around campus.

The Valley Library

The Valley Library, while only operating at partial capacity, is open weekdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM by reservation only. Reserving a study seat is an option through the Valley Library’s website. Masks and social distancing along with other Oregon State University policies are all required. 


The Trysting Tree Lounge

The Trysting Tree Lounge is a room on the mezzanine level of the Memorial Union, right next to Bites Cafe. Personally, I prefer coming here as opposed to renting a study room, it’s warm, it’s quiet, it’s got comfy chairs, and it’s easier to drop in and get a bit of work done between classes… y’know, when those were a thing.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are a tried and true place to study, but in this disaster of a year they’re a little less accessible. Some options near campus include Allan’s Coffee and Tea or Interzone, both on Monroe, Coffee Culture on Kings.

The Downward Dog

If you’re 21 or older (or if you like good pub food), there’s nothing like hitting the books on the Downward Dog’s patio with an ice-cold beer and a basket of fries. Located on the north edge of campus, Downward has been a popular student hub since it opened in 2008.

The Quads

When the weather’s nice, there are several quads on campus with access to campus wi-fi. If you feel like you need some sunshine, grab a blanket and plant yourself on the Library Quad, the MU Quad, the Peavy Fields, or McNary Field for some outdoor study time.


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