Opening of a New Record Store in Corvallis Appeals to Vinyl Collectors

Taylor Barron

A new record shop has opened up in downtown Corvallis creating a space for music lovers to discover new music through vinyl, cassettes, and CD’s. Orchestrating the sales and gathering of vinyl is Corvallis local Josh Lucas.

Lucas opened up the shop downtown after his experiences trading and selling records online, as well as selling at the Corvallis farmer’s market. Lucas is an avid vinyl collector who has made his dream of owning a record store a reality. 

“Growing up music was always a part of my life,” said Lucas. “I’ve got maybe 1,500 in my own personal collection, I’m constantly trying to accrue more.” 

After experiencing my first trip into PreAtomic Records, it’s safe to say that there is a wide selection of vinyl, with a little bit of something for everybody.  Whether it be rock and roll, rap, folk, country, or jazz, you’re bound to find something to satisfy your music taste buds. I personally stumbled upon The Doors for $10, as well as The Beatles Again for $3. 

Lucas said he obtains a lot of the stores records, as well as his own through trading, thrifting, and record collector meetups where they are free to sift through thousands of records for hours on end. He later stated that his current favorite albums in the shop are Nick Drake’s Pink Moon, Tyler the Creator’s IGOR, and Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. 

Lucas stated that an album in his store that he would recommend to every Oregon State student to listen to would be Bill Evans Portrait In Jazz. “It’s a great meditator,” Lucas said. 

Sadie Gilford, a second year psychology student at OSU, visited PreAtomic Records to contribute to her recent vinyl collection. Gilford stated that she purchased Bach and Beethoven pieces to listen to while she studies and winds down. 

“I think everything in there was really well priced,” said Gilford. “I thought it was cool, they had so many selections and I thought it was super well organized in there too.”

Gilbert went on to say that she purchased Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon for $3. Gilbert also stated that for a shop with records for only a couple bucks it’s a good place to start for people with a newfound interest in vinyl. 

PreAtomic Records is located at 425 SW Madison Ave h1, Corvallis, OR. For more information or if you’re looking for a specific artist on vinyl, you can look them up on Facebook or check out their website

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