Weekend Woodchipper 3/19-22 (Cabin Fever Edition)



Hey friends, let’s get out and socialize this weekend! Just kidding! Stay away from each other for the love of god please. Here comes another weekend filled with opportunity. We’re doing things a little different this time because I have no public Corvallis events to send you to but I still need to get paid now more than ever. So instead of sending you to social events, prepare to get your socks knocked off by these seven thrilling and totally socially distant activities to kick off your quarantine the right way. Go forth and make the CDC and I proud.

Make Art

A little vague but I can’t do all the work for you here. Get some paint and just slap it at a canvas. Try to sketch something in a notebook. Maybe write a poem about the sun? The world’s your oyster here, just create something for no reason. Remember, it isn’t about being “good,” it’s about being open and making a mess.

Inform Yourself on the Virus that Shall Not Be Named

Instead of inciting further panic in the already frenzied public by sharing that terrifying video of the Italians telling us our lives are about to fall apart in ten days, why don’t we have a little taste and actually spread information rather than hysteria? Here is a much better video to share by Vox explaining why all these measures need to be taken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSQztKXR6k0 Here is another fascinating one by them which explains how a few of these viruses keep coming into existence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPpoJGYlW54

Pick Up a New Good Habit

Our schedules are all about to get pretty loose so it might not be a bad idea to try and do some small self-improvement with all that weird free time. Wouldn’t it be cool to finally be able to tell the dentist that, yes, you really do floss every day? How about reading a few pages of a book every morning? Write in a daily journal, schedule your days in advance, or call your parents at regular intervals.  Start something small and try to keep it going.

Rediscover a Lost Hobby of Yours

Honestly this whole ordeal really sucks and we all deserve a little nostalgia high right now. Think back to when you were younger and had no car or independence, what entertained you then? Probably don’t devolve into your 14-year-old self, but it might be fun to take another look at your favorite childhood show, videogame, or book.

Go for a Walk

We all have spent hours and hours of cumulative time walking around this campus with our heads down trying not to let the rain hit our faces and hair during the winter months, but in doing so it can be easy to miss just how absolutely gorgeous our campus really is. Take a trip to some part of campus you haven’t been before and check out how pretty everything is in bloom.

Completely Waste a Day, Guilt Free

If you’re anything like me, the prospect of doing nothing productive all day can sound like a guilt-ridden nightmare. My solution: plan out your relaxation and make a deal with yourself to be completely okay with getting nothing done. Watching a new show, aimlessly surfing youtube, or getting some sun are all great time-wasters to use while burning a day. The added benefit: you’ll be giving your body that extra rest to boost your immune system AND you’ll be safely quarantined.

Do Some Cleaning

On the other side of the spectrum, bolster your feelings of productivity by getting a head start on some cleaning. Maybe your room is a little messy after the scramble of finals week, or you’re moving out at the end of Spring term and need to get a head start on packing. Whatever your excuse may be, what’s true is that cleaning is a simple path to that rewarding feeling of accomplishing something.


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