The Weekend Wood Chipper 2/28-3/1

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Janus Houchen-Haun

Leap years are overrated. Sure, we have an extra day this month, 29 instead of 28. To me, a holiday is not a holiday until class get cancelled. Still, plenty of people want to get out on the town and celebrate having an extra day before rent is due. I can’t promise any of the events I found this week will be back in four years, so you should do them now while you have the chance. 

Women’s Basketball at Gill Coliseum

Free for Students | 2/28

I know that University of Washington isn’t usually our main rival, but for me? This game is personal. My brother went to UW, and I think it’s high time we paid them back for their victory in football season. Not to mention that our women’s team is doing well this season, and with free tickets for students there’s hardly a reason not to come out and support them. I know my brother will be in his purple and gold, so let’s fill the stands with orange and black.

Tag! Queer Shorts Festival at the Darkside Cinema

Students $8/Show or $12 Double Feature | 2/28

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Netflix, not knowing whether to watch a romantic comedy or a serial killer documentary? Check out Tag Queer Shorts Festival — it’s all of the above. Music videos, drama, hand drawn animation, and anything else you can imagine are squeezed into punchy short films made by local queer and trans artists. There are two special showings on the 28th; an all ages collection at 5:00, and a “Wildstyle,” 18+ show at 8:00.

Corvallis Indoor Winter Market at the Benton County Fairgrounds

Free | 2/29

If you’re like me, you’re not a great chef. I’ve burned myself making salad. But even I know that getting the right ingredients is half the battle. And although winter is not usually the season I think of for fresh, local produce, the Indoor Winter Market has just that. If locally grown kale isn’t your scene, there are also artists, candle makers, and jewelers to deck out your dorm room. The Benton County Fairgrounds is just west of town, so unless your bike is equipped with a cargo rack, you might have to drive.

The Secret Garden at Withycombe Hall Main Stage

5$ OSU Students/17$ General | 2/28-29 and 3/6-7

Did you know a ticket to Hamilton on Broadway can cost $800 dollars? A ticket to The Secret Garden, OSU Theater’s winter musical seems like a steal in comparison. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a “theater person,” an hour or two of singing and dancing sounds like a good way to try it out. Please note that Beaver’s Digest cannot be held legally responsible for showtunes stuck in your head weeks after you leave the theater.

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