Movie Review: Frozen II

Image from official Frozen 2 character posters. 

Jessica Li

Bored over winter break? Can’t find a show to watch at the moment? Give Frozen 2 a try..

A mix of adventure, mystery, and humor make this movie a fun watch for audiences of all ages. In this sequel, the thrill and magic doesn’t stop; from enchanted forests to mighty caverns and turbulent oceans, the sisters and their loved ones have much to venture and overcome. Their discoveries along the journey are followed by surprises at every turn, even tracing back to family ties far before their time which threaten the promise of the present Arendelle. However, in spite of the intensity, Olaf, once again, acts as the comedian to bring relieving light-heartedness. His random but thought-provoking philosophies are sure to keep you laughing, and on the edge of your seat. For some reason or another, Olaf has a natural gift for knowing how to say the wrong thing in the wrong situation. 

Alongside the elaborate plot, the overarching themes of the movie reel-in viewers once again. Relating to the prequel, the theme of sisterhood is what ties this movie together. Elsa and Anna share a special and loving connection that is strengthened by their teamwork and sacrifice, but is also put to the test in the face of difficulties. Ultimately, they must seek the truth together regarding the past. Only the righteous solution will restore peace and order to their kingdom, whatever cost that it may come with. Watch to find out.

As for the actual production of the film, the graphics were breathtakingly beautiful. Although I’m not much of an art critic, I can tell whether a design is aesthetic or not when I see it. Even if the movie had just the art, the screen would still be pleasant to look at. 

Not to mention that the songs were well-suited for the scenes; they aligned with the mood and portrayed a depth of emotions, enhancing the flow and emphasis of the story. Don’t be taken aback when the music continues to ring in your ears long after you have finished the movie, because it’s definitely catchy and stunning.

Significantly, this novel animation has attained fans from the new generation in addition to preceding ones. For example, kids are singing “Into the Unknown” on the streets. Frozen 2 toys on display at store entrances are eye-catching for all Christmas shoppers.

Moreover, sales have skyrocketed; according to the New York Times article “‘Frozen 2’ Continues to Outdo Its Predecessor at the Box Office” by Gabe Cohn, domestic and global sales have totaled to $337.6 million and $919.7 million, respectively, as of December 8, 2019. Not to mention that 91% of Google users liked the film. For many, Frozen 2 will be a lasting childhood memory for years to come. 

Therefore, its popularity and likability show more the reason to watch it. Much effort has been put forth for this production, and in my opinion, Frozen 2 is deserving of its success. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Get ready to sing along on this heartfelt, mystical ride.

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