Get Fit: Best ways to workout on campus

Per Gov. Kate Brown’s Executive Order 20-12, all Oregon gyms, sports and fitness centers, health clubs and exercise studios are temporarily closed. Those who want to remain physically active during the coronavirus outbreak have to do so within their homes, or while practicing social distancing outside, which requires a six-foot distance between others.

Johnny Brunac

Another year back on campus means another year of long nights, longer days and not a lot of time to think in between. You’re probably reading on your phone either in class or at work during the little downtime you have throughout your day, only to go home to eat and study until you crash just a few hours before you repeat the cycle. 


Being a human being, let alone a student is hard enough in 2019, so taking care of yourself should be a top priority. If you’re thinking about turning that stress into some good energy to help you stay in tip-top shape, here are a few ways to squeeze in a workout here and there around campus throughout the day!

Dixon Recreation Center

The first and probably the most common way students stay fit on campus is by going to our very own Dixon Rec Center. Situated on the corner of Washington and 26th St., this state of the art facility is home to two cardio rooms, two weight rooms, two gyms, six racquetball courts, three squash courts, three multipurpose rooms, a 42ft tall climbing wall, 1/10 mile indoor track, 25-yard pool, a dive well, a hot tub and three sand volleyball courts.

Having pretty lengthy hours and a full-time staff, Dixon is available to all students taking classes at Oregon State’s Corvallis Campus as memberships are included in student fees, and at a discounted membership rate for OSU faculty and alumni. 

“It’s something some students don’t realize is here so I encourage any student to come on in,” Dixon’s operations associate, Kyle Yost commented.

PAC Classes 

Physical Activity Courses, or PAC classes as they’re commonly referred to as, are another way you can stay fit on campus. These 1 single credit courses are required of all students as part of the baccalaureate core curriculum OSU has in place, but most students often take more than one throughout their time at OSU as a fun way to stay in shape throughout the school year.

Because these workout classes are part of your class schedule, it’s an easy and fun way to make time throughout the term to stay in shape! PAC classes are broken up into six categories all focusing on different aspects of physical activity: fitness, mind/body, dance, aquatics, outdoor recreation, and sports, ensuring there is something to do for everyone!


Independent Outdoor Workouts 

It isn’t uncommon to be walking through the Memorial Union quad and see students hanging out in the grass with some friends on some blankets listening to music, and the same can be said about students practicing their own independent workout techniques.

Nowadays, there are tons of apps, programs, and wearable technology that encourage the individual to form their own routine or follow a set template while adjusting to your own body mass index and intensity levels. 


If you’re looking for more routine-based workouts, check out this piece on some easy outdoor workouts.


When the weather’s clear outside, a lot of students like to take this time to put some headphones on, and do some outdoor workouts like yoga or going on runs. One of the more popular spots to run some laps is the Student Legacy Park, located right across the street from Weatherford Hall.

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If you have any questions about any of the resources listed above, visit the OSU website or the course catalogue: 

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