Corvallis Farmers’ Market: Local food and arts

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Lexi Johnson

Accessible, fresh local food is always available at the Corvallis Farmers’ Market!

Downtown Corvallis provides the perfect atmosphere to wander up and down 1st Street, perusing all of the colorful, locally grown fruits and vegetables that perch on carefully arranged stands beneath equally colorful tents. Buy fresh tomatoes from a smiling vendor and be satisfied that your purchase is benefitting not only your health, but the local vendors and the extended community as well. 

According to the Corvallis Farmers’ Market’s website, the market prides itself on running as a nonprofit organization designed to help local “farmers and gardeners market their high-quality produce directly to consumers.” Not only can fresh produce be purchased, but flower arrangements, locally raised meats, and different varieties of sauces and honey as well.

The market runs Wednesday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each week until November 27th.

But wait, there’s more than just fresh food at the market?

The Artisans Fair is another component of the market that features local artists selling their custom crafts such as jewelry, clothing, pottery, artwork and more.

Devin White is a current vendor at the Fair whose specialty is selling bow ties, coasters, zipper bags and headbands under the name Dapper Stitching.

“I wanted to get more into selling my wares and the market is a good place where people really appreciate handmade and quirky things,” he said. “The fair is a lot bigger than most that I’ve seen, and I feel like all of [the vendors and the customers] are really friendly and appreciate handmade things.”

White is new to the market and has experienced a welcoming and positive start.“I wanted to get more into selling my wares and the market is a good place where people really appreciate handmade and quirky things,” he said. “The Artisan Faire is a cool, unique part of the farmers market which sets it apart.”

Tia Oliver, another ongoing vendor at the Artisans Fair, creates hand-dyed natural fibers that are then turned into silk scarfs, shirts and colorful tapestries that she calls “wearable art.” You can find her at the market under the name Chroma Pressed. Oliver’s work resembles abstract watercolor qualities reminiscent of French impressionist painter Claude Monet. The Farmers’ Market has allowed her to connect with her community in a new way.

“It’s the perfect environment for those of us who want to connect with our community and who love art and want to grow in our craft,” she said. “Also, you can’t beat the family-friendly environment, live music and the best fresh fruit you’ll find anywhere.”

The market as a whole is not just a shopping experience, but a way to get involved and to support local farmers.

“The thing that makes the market special is that everything is handcrafted and high quality, and nothing is mass produced,” Oliver said.

Locally grown produce, buying directly from the vendors and farmers themselves and indulging in some handmade art are just some of the things to enjoy at the Corvallis Farmers’ Market. Grab your reusable bags and get shopping! 

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