Student Couponing: Easy ways to save money

Lauren Miller

Every dime counts for college students and there are multiple ways for students to save money. Student couponing is one way that college students across the country like to save that extra dollar. As the name says, student couponing is only available for students, so use it to your advantage! Here are some websites you can use for a variety of items.

Student Survival Kit

Student Survival Kit is a booklet of coupons that is usually delivered around Corvallis at the beginning of each term. It has coupons for both local businesses and chains as well. Student Survival Kit is also available as an app and has the same coupons as the booklet, so if you download the app and get the booklet, you get double the savings!


UNiDAYS is a website and app that allows students to earn deals on clothing, food, beauty items and more. They include some “freebies” for certain items and hold a wide array of brands and shops. It ranges from percentage to simply cash off your purchase. You can print out certain coupons from your computer, use them online or have them ready on your phone at the cashier. Either way, UNiDAYS is free to use and provides a variety of options for students.


Groupon is another website that can help you save on bigger purchases, such as technology and textbooks. On their website, they have different sections that clearly display the store/brand and how much the discount is. It’s easy to access and use, and you don’t need to sign-up to use the coupons. Before a bigger purchase, make sure to look at Groupon for a big deal.


Honey is an online extension that can be downloaded onto your computer browser. Every time you shop, Honey will pop-up with coupons that it can automatically be applied to wherever you’re shopping. It will always pick the code that gives you the best deal. It can be used on a variety of websites. Honey is not just for students, but it is a great tool to use on sites like Amazon when you’re buying textbooks.

STA Travel

Although you won’t use this website on a daily basis, it can become a lifesaver. is a website that can give you major deals on travel. Flights, buses, and hotels can be cut in half by using this website. Whether you want to simply fly to the beach, visit your grandmother, or travel to a different country, this website can save your hard-earned cash. It’s free to use and can allow you to spend your cash elsewhere.

There are plenty of websites offering students coupons and discounts. If you really want to save, combine your student coupons with regular coupons. Although it can be time-consuming, saving that extra dollar on groceries will help your bank account in the long run. Don’t wait to give them a try!

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