Tasty Tuesday: 2 Stones review

2 Stones, Wood Fired Italian Trattoria is located at the Timberhill Shopping Center in Corvallis. According to its website, the restaurant was created by two brothers who wanted an eatery where the gluten-free options were “a mirror image of the traditional fare,” with 2 stones being the end result. One stone oven is dedicated to creating gluten-free pizzas, while the other is dedicated to cooking traditional ones. Five members of the Beaver’s Digest team decided to head to the restaurant to try it out for ourselves!

Eva’s review:

If you want authentic Italian food without the price tag of a flight to Italy, then 2 Stones is the place for you. An 11”, gluten-free, wood-fired pizza sits atop the table, taunting hungry guests. As I picked up a slice of Margherita, the melted, gooey cheese stretches and clings to its neighbors for dear life as the Italian opera music serenades the customers. I would rate this pizza a nine out of 10. The pizza is not very big and could be considered a little bit pricey, but the heavenly mozzarella and perfect crust makes up for it. The dish exceeded my expectations. As for the restaurant itself, the yellow walls create an aura of enlightenment and joy. I definitely have plans on returning to 2 Stones because of the unique and welcoming environment and to taste the wonderful Italian pizza once again.

Noah’s review:

When entering 2 Stones Pizza, you are greeted with the smell of freshly baked dough and the sound of opera music being played over the restaurant’s speakers. Behind the counter where you would order is an old stone and fire oven where all of the pizzas are cooked fresh, to your order.

I ordered the Mailale in Fiamme, which literally means pig on fire. This pizza was topped with prosciutto, spicy capicola, salami, sweet onions and Calabrian peppers. The woman taking my order at the counter said that it’s generally pretty entertaining to watch people try to pronounce this one.

Along with that, Two Stones offers a wide selection of beverages, both alcoholic and not, to go with their pizza. They even offer wine pairings for each individual pie.

When our pizza came out, I was happy to see that it wasn’t as greasy as some other Corvallis pizzerias serve their pizza. The shape of the pizza was not a perfect circle, which gave me the impression that this is a more rustic shop. This made sense because each pizza is again made and cooked to order.

The Mailale in Fiamme was delicious. You can’t really go wrong with meat, peppers and cheese on top of a house made sauce. The crust was well done and crunchy. The only thing I might change is to offer either pizza by the slice or a decision in the size of the pizza. All of the pizzas came in one size, 11” across.

However, by not offering these options, 2 Stones definitely gave me a refreshing impression of pizza that is different from most other places in town. The rustic feel of a traditionally Neapolitan pizza joint is a unique feeling, that 2 Stones has captured well.

Alex’s review:

I shared the Mailale in Fiamme with Noah and Johnny and drank a black cherry soda. The pizza was an eight out of 10, for having a tasty crust with a nice consistency and fun toppings. The black cherry soda was also great, a solid nine out of 10. The overall 2 Stones experience gets an eight out of 10.

The interior design was warm and fun, they had a nice selection of beverages and the self serve water and extra plates was a nice touch. The staff was also very friendly and accommodating. One of the only drawbacks was that the pizza came only in one size, and there was no by-the-slice option. This can make things difficult for diverse groups, but luckily the Beavers’ Digest team was adaptable and able to choose two pizzas to split among the group. Another drawback was that it closes at six on Sundays, so we felt a bit rushed to finish our pizzas and clean up on time. Overall I enjoyed the experience, would recommend to a friend and would definitely come back on a different day of the week to leisurely eat pizza.

Lauren’s review:

I’m not usually a big fan of pizza, but 2 Stones pleasantly surprised me. I ordered the Margarita pizza with Kate and Eva. It took a little bit of time to receive our pizza after we paid, but at least you know its made-to-order. The pizza was great; the crust on the bottom wasn’t completely burnt, which is where my complaints usually lie. The cheese pulled off the slice as you would see on TV—a great trait to have. It didn’t make me feel ‘heavy’ afterward either. The pizza was nice enough to fill you up but not make you feel bloated (and I ate three slices!).

There was no by-the-slice option, which is fine for groups like the Beaver’s Digest team, but a bit inconvenient for one person. Overall, the price is a good reflection of the quality, which I can’t say often in a college town. I would recommend this to any pizza lover in Corvallis. I would give it an eight and a half out of 10.

Johnny’s review:

Walking into 2 Stones I was immediately impressed by the warm and inviting atmosphere, loud but not too loud traditional Italian music and the wide variety on their menu. Being incredibly indecisive, I went in on the Mailale in Fiamme with two of my friends and was very impressed.

I typically rate pizza on four aspects: the crispness of the crust, the quality of the cheese (i.e. the cheese pull), the sauce and its ability to hold onto the toppings and of course the overall taste.  The Mailale in Fiamme was a pizza with prosciutto, spicy capicola, salami, onions and Calabrian peppers, and it thoroughly lived up to the hype. The crust was on the thinner side but not enough to be considered thin crust which I really enjoyed about it, the cheese and sauce combo had a nice pull and good flavor and the capicola plays off really nicely with the prosciutto, peppers and onions. Along with a Limoncello San Pellegrino, I had a really nice time enjoying the good atmosphere and quality time with friends that 2 Stones can offer.

Kate’s review:

I was really excited to head to 2 Stones because I had heard some rave reviews from coworkers and I was not disappointed! I’m a big fan of Margherita pizza, but surprisingly, it can be a bit harder to find. I’m not the biggest cheese fan, but mozzarella is my favorite. This mozzarella was nice and gooey and pulled off the pizza in the best way. Margherita pizzas are usually made one of two ways- either with tomatoes on top or with red sauce in dollops on top. This one had the sauce as opposed to the tomatoes, which I usually don’t prefer, but this one was really great! The atmosphere was great for college students because it wasn’t too stuffy and felt like a really nice place to hang out with friends. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely go back!

If you’re looking for more information on 2 Stones, including a list of their menu items, you can check out their website here: http://www.2stones.net/

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