Raise the barre

Alex Larson

As we continue further into the year, New Years Resolutions may have been forgotten or put on the back burner. If getting into shape was one of your goals, Barre3 Corvallis offers a solution.

Barre3 Corvallis, located on 1st and Jefferson St., is a studio that offers classes that combine ballet, yoga and Pilates movements to offer a full body workout.

At barre3 we celebrate exercise, the freedom to move, and the abilities of our own bodies,” Katlyn Woodward, a graduate student at Oregon State and Barre3 instructor, said.

Getting in shape is something that is often seen as a punishment for one’s own body, usually in response to overindulging, as opposed to a rewarding activity for the body. As such, the task of getting in shape is not enjoyable and rather it can be extremely overwhelming both mentally and physically,” Woodward said.

Woodward explained that integrating fitness into your lifestyle, a desire to treat your body right, can make getting into shape much easier. She emphasized that taking negativity out of the equation makes exercising and healthy eating come naturally.

“For me, finding Barre3 was the push I needed to turn my dreaded and inconsistent gym workouts into a lifestyle of activity that was both enjoyable and realistic for my busy schedule. Don’t try to overdo it, like anything else when trying something new you need to give yourself some grace and understand that not everything worthwhile is super easy at first,” Woodward said.

You might wonder why it’s important to make time for workouts or healthy eating when you have exams, projects, and jobs to think about.

“When you start to take care of your body externally, you gain internal confidence and self-appreciation in knowing that you are doing good things for your body,” Woodward said.

Woodward explained that Barre3 fosters a welcoming and open-minded community, to allow people to feel comfortable no matter where they are on the journey to fitness.

What I personally love about Barre3 is that there is no one-size fits all approach to the workout. As an instructor at Barre3 Corvallis, I cue clients to take what they need from the workout and leave what doesn’t suit them behind. In doing so, we empower our clients to listen to their body, supporting the belief that you are your own best teacher,” Woodward said.

Even though the process of getting in shape is rarely an easy, linear path, it is worth putting in the effort to receive lifelong results. Woodward emphasized that you shouldn’t expect too much from yourself in the beginning.

“It’s okay to be uncomfortable and unsure, sometimes showing up is the hardest part, but I promise it is well worth it,” Woodward said.

Information regarding scheduling, classes and payment can be found on the Barre3 Corvallis website (https://barre3.com/studio-locations/corvallis). If you think that barre is the key to unlocking your fitness journey, then check it out!

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