Ariana Grande continues to rise in fame

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Emma Strgar

Since August, Ariana Grande has experienced a new spike in fame. Already a multi-platinum artist, Grande’s latest album, “Sweetener,” and single, “Thank U, Next” have reached new levels of attention and stardom.

Grande has been a performer since she was a child, according to, with her name on everything to a television show to four hit albums. Her first hit song hit the top ten on Billboard’s “Top 100” list in 2013, said a Quora article. Already a celebrity with a firm reputation, Grande’s latest releases boosted her to a new level of fame.

First, her album Sweetener broke records with her highest sale numbers yet, reported Nielsen music and two songs broke the Billboard 100’s top ten list simultaneously, according to Billboard. Right after, Grande won two awards at the MTV music awards and was dubbed the “most buzzed about power couple” with her fiancé Pete Davidson by Billboard.

Shortly after Mac Miller, Grande’s ex-boyfriend, unexpectedly passed away, leaving her with even more attention – both negative and positive. Fans accused her of being to blame for Miller’s death, while others sympathized with the loss she was experiencing. Regardless of what people were saying, Grande’s name was being spoken about more than ever. In the weeks following Miller’s death and the release of her album, Google Trends showed that Grande’s name peaked its most ever interest online. 

In the next month, Grande would have a very public split with her fiancé Pete Davidson and release her extremely popular single, “Thank U, Next.”

“Thank U, Next” dominated BillBoard’s Top 100 for weeks, and was actually Grande’s first number one single on the charts, reports Billboard.

An article in The New Yorker attributed the vast success of “Thank U, Next” to the fact that it is a breakup ballad tailor-made for the social media age. Since the release of the song, Grande has also begun teasing at a new album to be released later before the end of the year, said an article in Bustle earlier this month.

Grande’s music video for “Thank U, Next” has been garnering a lot of attention as she incorporates other celebrities and well-known movies into the plot line, releasing plenty of sneak peeks as the production happens.

The first teaser for the music video was released on November 26th and already has over a million views. “Thank U, Next” actually became the fastest ever song to reach a million streams on Spotify, reported an article on It continued to break records by next surpassing 100 million streams in as little as 11 days, said an article in the Industry Observer.

On Friday, Nov. 30, the official music video for “Thank U, Next” was released to YouTube. The video quickly surpassed previous music video release records. According to Variety, it set the record for most views in 24 hours, passing the previous record in only 22 hours. As of Monday, Dec. 3, the video had reached 92 million views. Variety also stated that at the videos peak, it had 829,000 viewers at once.

Grande’s hype is growing every day and her next album is more highly anticipated than ever before, Bustle said.   

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