AMC Free Movie Night


Being a student is expensive, but a benefit of living in a college town is there are a lot of opportunities to save money. One of these opportunities is AMC Theater’s Free Movie Night! Every second and fourth Saturday of the month, excluding holidays or breaks, you can go to the Corvallis AMC theater and get a voucher to see a free movie.

The theater starts distributing ticket vouchers at 8:50 p.m. the night of until they have given away 100 tickets or it is the start of the last show time. There are just two rules, you have to have your student ID present and the movie ticket must be used that same night. There are a few exceptions to these rules, you might be subject to a surcharge for a 3D movie (which are normally more expensive) and they might not honor this deal if they are hosting a film festival.

This event is the brainchild of Heather Rapp, OSUPC and Late Night Program Coordinator for Oregon State University. Previous to partnering with AMC, Rapp hosted a weekly movie night with the local Majestic Theater. The trouble with hosting this event at the Majestic was that depending on the movie, some nights were really popular, but not consistently every week.

“The attendance was sporadic and I wanted to come up with a way to get more regular attendance since this is a Late Night Program,” said Rapp. “Handing out the vouchers and letting students select which film they get to see seemed like the way to go. We have maintained attendance and have always handed out the full allotment of tickets. AMC has been a great partner and has gone out of their way to accommodate us.”

The event has been so popular that every time, all one hundred tickets have been given out to students, some weeks people even have to be turned away. According to Rapp, this partnership has been great not just for OSU but for AMC too. From her understanding, movie ticket sales have been down and this gives AMC a hundred extra movie attendees each time this event occurs.

Rapp would love to see relationships and partnerships between OSU and local Corvallis businesses expand in the future.

“OSUPC loves our Corvallis Community,” Rapp emphasizes. “We will continue to support it to the best of our abilities. We often invite local food trucks and vendors to our events and look forward to building more partnerships in the future.”

Come out every second and fourth Saturday of the month to participate in this event, catch a free movie and support your community.

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