Get Active with DAM Fit

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Are you looking for a new way to get involved and be active? DAM Fit may be the perfect thing for you!

According to Cathryn Sullivan, Personal Training Coordinator, DAM Fit is a small group high interval training program. Through this program, “participants receive a full-body workout, and engage in cardiovascular and functional strength training,” Sullivan said. The functional strength training is unique because it helps gain strength for everyday activities as well as athletic endeavors.

If you have no prior experience, have no fear because DAM Fit is customized for all skill levels. Whether you are a pro athlete or just starting, DAM Fit incorporates progressive coaching that will help curate a workout that is perfect for you and your skills. This year in particular is exciting for DAM Fit because they recently added new equipment to the McAlexander Field House and are also incorporating some changes in the program to go along with the new equipment. 

In order to participate, it is required to register for the program through the Oregon State Recreational Sports Services. It costs $60 for the entire term. If you are interested in getting involved, this fall term DAM Fit will be from Oct. 1 to Nov. 30. For more information, contact Sullivan at [email protected] or go online at the DAM Fit website.

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