Fair Trade Coffee for International Coffee Day

Fair Trade Coffee

Alex Larson

Today is International Coffee Day! We encourage all of you to celebrate by grabbing a nice hot (or iced) cup of joe. While you’re celebrating this wonderful day, take the time to think about the source of your coffee.

Mike Meeker, General Manager of Marketplace West said that there are multiple places on campus offer Fair Trade Certified coffee. These include Cafe Mam at Arnold Dining, EBGB’s at Marketplace West, Boardwalk Cafe at McNary Dining, and all university catered events.

According to https://www.fairtradecertified.org/why-fair-trade, to have your coffee Fair Trade Certified means that Fair Trade USA, a certifying company, has ensured that the famers that harvest the coffee beans are paid enough to fulfill basic household needs, and are empowered in the workplace regardless of identity. Fair Trade Certified companies also make an effort to preserve our environment. Overall, Fair Trade is a global movement made up of businesses, consumers, advocates, and organizations to promote putting people and planet over profit.

Fair Trade businesses are important because too often, farmers and other employees of food companies are paid too little, given little to no benefits, and treated poorly by the company. Fair Trade Certified businesses are also important because they save our environment. Agriculture can be a menace to the environment, and Fair Trade Certified business make sure to operate ethically and environmentally friendly.

So while you celebrate this international holiday with the drink of your choosing, you can also celebrate the choices you made by becoming a more responsible and thoughtful consumer. Let’s drink to that!

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