All University Sing! Preview

Kate Brown

It’s that time of year again for the annual All University Sing! competition. This year, All University Sing! is putting on its 82nd annual event with some new changes from years past.

All University Sing! will now be held this year in the Merrit Truax Indoor Practice Center, located on 661 SW 30th St. here in Corvallis on May 4th. Lilly Price, one of the All University Sing! Marketing Chairs said “The teams this year have had to be more creative with the change of venue. We are more focused on vocal quality than ever before.” The doors open at 5:30pm and the show begins at 7pm. To be able to see the performance, you must purchase a ticket. Tickets will be sold at the door for $25 a piece, or you can purchase them early online for $20. They will be taking cash or card at the door, but cash is highly preferred. Bags will be check at the door and seats are a first come, first serve basis. They will have ADA accommodations and seats prepared for those who need them.

Each year Sing! features a different theme, and this year it is catch phrases. Price said of the theme that “essentially every common idiom you are familiar with will be turned into a unique song and dance compilation.”

Sing is a competition put on each year to celebrate the friends and families that visit during Spring Parent and Family Weekend. “Primarily sororities and fraternities use originality to claim the title and trophy. The goal is to put on an amazing performance, create lasting friendships, and have fun!” said Price. 

For more updates about the event, you can follow Oregon State Sing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The committee is also in the process of selecting next years committee, so if you’re interested in joining, look out for applications online.

Make sure to consider Sing! as one of the events to visit this weekend with your families! Price said that “teams have been working so hard to make this the best show yet.”

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