Greek Week 2018

Greek Week 2018

Melanie Reese

It’s officially Oregon State’s 2018 Greek Week and the next few days are going to be filled with banners, flags and heavy competition within the Greek teams on campus.

The theme for this year’s Greek Week is, ‘In Space.’ The first event begins on Wednesday, May 16 and runs through until Sunday, May 20. The events planned range from a dodgeball tournament, a barbeque, to the Day of Service event in which students participate in the clean-up of trails on at Crystal Lake. The week ends Sunday afternoon with the final awards banquet.

Throughout the week, sororities and fraternities have been put together into teams that will be competing all week for the highest amount of points. Points can be earned from team events or from the banner and flag competitions. Chapters will be creating banners for points that will be displayed outside of their chapter’s houses. These chapters are encouraged to create as many banners as they see fit and have an average of scores on their banners, so a stroll through the Greek neighborhoods is encouraged. Another way teams are earning points is from the flag contest. Teams will be creating one team flag that will rack up points for all the events the flag is taken to.

Earning points and aiming to win is a big part of Greek Week, but it also creates a fun and competitive environment for students to connect with members in their own chapter and those in other chapters as well.

Quinn Smesrud is a freshman member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Smesrud is planning to participate in Friday’s Relay for Life event and the All-Greek block party / barbeque event happening Saturday. She gives her thoughts on the importance of Greek Week as a whole,

“The importance of Greek Week is to come together as Greek students and to recognize the organization that we’re all a part of regardless of our different chapters. We also get the chance to get to know members from other chapters that we might not have known otherwise.”

If you’re interested in watching Greek Week events, be sure to find the scheduled event times and locations on the OSU student organizations website.

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