Week Five Motivation

Megan Anderson

Wow, week 5, huh? Rough. Or is it? It may seem like there’s a little rain cloud above your head during times of stress due to midterms, lack of motivation, or pure exhaustion. Or, maybe because we live in Oregon and there is a literal rain cloud above your head. But fear not, because here are five reasons to love week 5.

1. Spring Family Weekend! Get yourself through this week, one day, or even hour, at a time and never look back. With so many fun events coming your way, including the SING performances, a comedy show, food trucks and other good food you know your family will treat you to, the rainy days seem much less rainy. Even if your family won’t be here to partake in all the activities, don’t miss out on the fun! Adopt a new family by tagging along with your best friend’s family for the day.

2. Take a look at the weather forecast! Really. Do it. This coming week, contrary to the previous statements about rain clouds, the weather is looking good. By good, it means very unpredictable and possible chances of rain and strong winds, but still good! According to the forecast, we’ll reach nice temperatures in the 70s, giving you a valuable reason for that extra scoop of ice cream.

3. Good news: Dam Jam is rapidly approaching. The artists performing has finally been released and this year’s lineup will be one to remember. In case you haven’t heard, artist Kyle and Alison Wonderland will be here on OSU’s campus, performing LIVE, on June 2nd! So start practicing your best dance moves and mark your calendar, because you won’t want to miss out! P.S. Buy your tickets in the SEC Plaza.

4. This wouldn’t be a motivational listicle without dogs, would it? In times of stress, take a moment to sit back, take a deep breath, and remind yourself of why you were put on this earth: to tell that doggo he is a good boy. And if dogs aren’t your thing, no worries, just remind yourself that you’re a good one.

5. And, of course, WE ARE HALFWAY THERE. Yes, you heard that right! Halfway to the freedom of summer. Which means we can all break free from the shackles of homework and tests. Just stay focused and keep reminding yourself of the end game and next thing you know, you’ll be homework free, playing in the sun like this squirrel.


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