Benny’s Business Closet

Benny’s Business Closet

Kate Brown

Benny’s Business Closet is an affordable, on campus business that sells professional business clothing for all Oregon State students. Benny’s is ran and funded by 16xOSU, a social entrepreneurship club on campus, and is made possible by clothing donations from numerous sources, including Oregon State Design alumni and faculty, as well as fraternities and sororities.


Benny’s was started in the Spring of 2016 by five first year students in the College of Business as a part of a class project. The students saw that there was a demand for professional clothing for Oregon State students. Last year, even more students “ramped up their initial efforts and brought in over 4,000 donations to support the space,” Amy Neuman, Benny’s faculty advisor said.

Project Lead for Benny’s, Ellybeth Hager-Agre, discussed the the goal of Benny’s, “Our goal is to reach and help as many students as possible with great quality, low price clothing. To provide a great, affordable look is why we are here!” Hager-Agre said, “It is a common misconception that only business students can come and shop because of the title. If anyone needs business attire for an interview, job, or even just a good pair of slacks, we are the place to go!” Benny’s is very affordable for college students. Nothing in Benny’s is priced over $20, with most items between $7 and $10.

Benny’s is located in the basement of Milam Hall, in room 027. They are open every Friday from 10am-2pm. Students can support Benny’s by coming by and shopping. Hager-Agre said, “The more we see people wearing the clothes they bought from the store, the more accomplished we feel.” You can also support Benny’s by following @osubennysbusinesscloset on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

Photography by Maggie Murray 

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