Beat Down on the Bears Recap

Holly Giering

Women’s basketball never disappoints. Even on Super Bowl Sunday Gill Collesium was filled and Beaver Nation showed up to help cheer the number 16 ranked Beavers take on number 25 ranked California Golden Bears. No doubt this would be an exciting game to attend.

The Beavers are currently displaying a 17-6 record, while the Bears are sitting 15-8 on the season. The two sitting in 5th and 7th in PAC-12 basketball standings. Both really wanting that win…

The game did not disappoint, the Beavers took off in the first quarter, establishing a controlling lead, and never let it go. The Beavers continued to dominate being aggressive not only on defense, grabbing rebound after rebound, even against Cal’s incredibly tall roster, but also on offense. One of the best parts of watching these women is their discipline. They  take the smart shots, pass the ball, and don’t force what’s not there. The offensive and defensive domination is thrilling to watch.

By the second half, and with such a determining lead, the fans at Gill got to see some new players take to the court. It’s always very exciting to see the fresh talent and all the players we don’t get to see every game showcase their skills, especially in the weeks approaching March and the NCAA tournamentThe PAC-12 is ranked amongst the most competitive conferences in the country this season, and according to ESPN’s Charlie Creme, the Beavers are predicted to enter the postseason as a #6 overall ranked seed. That being said, five other teams from the conference are predicted to make the tournament as well: Arizona State, UCLA, Stanford, Cal Berkeley and University of Oregon. With six more games to play, all conference opponents, the end of the season for the ladies is shaping up to be an exciting one…

The girls have a home game next Friday, February 16, at home against the UCLA Bruins. The ladies of UCLA are currently ranked number 9 in the nation, so this should be yet another exciting PAC 12 showdown in Gill.

Photography by Bao Truong 

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