Fox Cup Cozy DIY

Kate Brown

1. Gather all of your supplies. You will need: 3 sheets of felt (one white, one black, and one orange), orange embroidery thread, a sewing needle, a hot glue gun, a black sharpie, scissors, and a cardboard cup koozie.

2. Trace the cardboard koozie onto the orange felt and draw on the ears however big or small you want. Next draw a circle on the white felt, and two circles and two ears on the black felt. Cut them out.

3. Hot glue the white circle onto the orange felt for a nose. Then hot glue on the black felt as the eyes and the ears.

4. Use the sharpie to draw on the details onto the nose.

5. Next, thread the needle with the orange embroidery thread. Tie it tightly. Gather more thread than you think you’ll need, and cut it at the end. Tie a knot twice to make it super secure.

6. Now you will blanket stitch along the edge of the entire koozie. To blanket stitch, start by pushing the needle through from the back to the front. Go through this first hole again to start. Leave a small loop before pulling it tight and stick the needle through the loop, then pull tight. For the next one, poke the needle through the back to the front a little further down from your first stitch. Again, don’t pull it all the way tight, make a loop and put the needle through it, then pull it tight. Do this around the edge of the entire koozie.

7. Once you’ve gone around the whole koozie, I recommend putting the koozie around a coffee cup and see how tight you want it to be. Once you have decided, hot glue the ends together.

8. Voila! Enjoy your nice hot beverages without having to worry about burning your hands!

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