The Best of Streaming

Roman Battaglia

New year, new streaming review. This time we’ve brought Hulu, our good pal into the mix for even more recommendations. Here are a few shows we’ve been watching that will keep you entertained through the cold, rainy Oregon winter.

Black Mirror Season 4

A Netflix Original, Black Mirror is like the Twilight Zone of millenials, covering technology and the dangers of what can happen with it. Season four is one of the best yet; there’s art films, sci-fi action and they’re really, really off putting. If you haven’t already seen the other 3 seasons, what are you doing? Go check them out right now.


The End of the F***ing World

Based on a graphic novel, a teen psychopath meets his potential soulmate and embark on an adventurous road trip full of young love and self-discovery. This unlikely pairing of teenagers create a Wes Anderson esque television journey. It’s very quirky and cute, a great show to watch to bring your spirits up in this bleak weather.


Future Man

Future Man is one of Hulu’s new originals that came out in November of 2017. Featuring Josh Hutcherson as Josh Futterman, a gamer who gets recruited by mysterious visitors in order to prevent the extinction of humanity. It’s a great funny action show that has a very unique story.


The Orville

Redefining the space adventure genre, The Orville is a new show from Fox that follows an exploratory spaceship on wondrous adventures while also facing personal problems among one another. It features amazing stories and concepts as well as tying it all back to issues that face us in this century.


I Love You, America With Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman never ceases to amaze. In her new Hulu original, Silverman explores all aspects of American life, going in depth into a conservative family, interviewing an ex member of the Westboro Baptist Church, and documenting the decline of your average late night host. It’s a lovely little show that helps to challenge your views and beliefs.



Dark is almost reminiscent of a German Stranger Things but with many differences. While Stranger Things is very science fiction and nostalgic, Dark is much more focused on horror. The story is about a missing child in a small German town that unearths a bunch of mysterious goings on around the town. Very creepy and unsettling and highly recommended.