Fun Fall D.I.Y.

Holly Giering

Does your dorm, apartment, house, or townhouse need some spiffing up for the fall season? Well fear not BD readers, we have a super fun and easy D.I.Y. that can add some color and a bit of excitement for those walls that are just begging to be decorated.

What we made was a super festive flower picture frame. This D.I.Y. is perfect because you can make it work in any space. If it’s a fall decoration use a fall color scheme, like reds, oranges, and yellows. Or, in the case of the one we made, a combination of autumn colors.

All you need for this craft is:

  • One old or unused picture frame

  • Fake flowers

  • Hot glue

  • String

  • Clothes pins

  • Printed pictures

You can buy most of these things at any old craft store. The pictures you can just print out at home, or get printed at your local drug store.


1. Take the picture frame and string it along the back (we strung two lines, feel free to improvise here)

2. Take your flowers and pull them off the stems and begin hot gluing them on the frame.

3. Once you’re done gluing the flowers, simply clothespin the pictures to the string and you’re done. You have a fun D.I.Y. picture frame!

Happy crafting!

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