Get In the Know: Adventure Leadership Institute

Get In the Know: Adventure Leadership Institute

Emma Irvin

One of the best parts about living in Corvallis is the proximity to nature and all of the activities and sports that come along with it. We’re so close to the mountains, forests and oceans that it seems silly not to take advantage of them. However, like many of us, you may not necessarily know how to get the skills and equipment necessary to participate in outdoor adventures. Don’t worry, OSU’s Adventure Leadership Institute (ALI), which is part of OSU Recreational Sports and based in Dixon, can help you out. Here are a few awesome things offered through ALI:

1. Bike Shop

The ALI’s bike shop is PERFECT if you don’t exactly have the know-how to fix your bike at home and you don’t want to invest the money to have a professional fix it for you. The shop has every bike tool you could need and a staff that is knowledgeable and willing to help you learn how to service your bike so that next time you can do it yourself.

2. Equipment Rental

Lets face it, outdoor sports are spendy! We’re already paying for school, how are we expected to pay for expensive outdoor rock climbing equipment? ALI has our back though with inexpensive rentals for all the equipment you could need. We’re talking tents, we’re talking skis, we’re talking 12 foot self-bailing rafts. If you want it, there’s a good chance that ALI probably rents it to students at discounted daily rates. It’s almost summer, go have some fun!

3. Classes

ALI offers tons of classes to help you gain leadership and outdoor skills. These classes are all offered for credit, but you can also walk out with some pretty cool new abilities and certifications. Check out this PDF for a complete list of ALI classes offered this term.

4. Adventure Club

If you want to become more involved in outdoor adventure activities and connect with other students interested in the same things, consider joining the Adventure Club. This club encourages students to adventure outdoors and pursue certifications to lead and facilitate through ALI. They go on tons of cool trips so check them out if you love the outdoors.


Photography by Sophie Higginbottom