Finding a Gym in Corvallis

Finding a Gym in Corvallis

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As we head into mid-April, New Years Resolutions of staying in shape have proven to be harder and harder as the year goes on. Many of us have taken a liking to the fitness life and have kept up the solid work we put into the gym. With summer around the corner, we all want to have those summer bods ready to soak up the sun as we float down the Willamette River.

However, its become apparent that Dixon Recreation’s capacity is filling up which can make it incredibly hard to workout effectively and comfortably. Well, we at Beaver’s Digest went out and found a few solutions for you.

There are various gyms around Corvallis that some might not know about or didn’t have time to check out themselves. So, we got your back. 

Downing’s Gym

Located in South Town Corvallis, along South East 3rd street is Downing’s Gym. Downing’s offers a wide range of machines, free weight, and rooms to get the pump on you’ve been waiting so patiently for. They’re open most days from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. with slightly restricted hours on the weekend. Downing’s has student discounts for auto-payments or flat fee’s. The most popular option is three months for $80, which roughly comes out to $26 a month making it one of the cheapest gyms in Corvallis.


If you’re looking for a local gym that’s a little more closer to home then we suggest checking out Good Samaritan Fitness, a.k.a SAM Fit for short. Located on the corner of 9th and Polk Ave, it is only a couple miles from campus making this gym the closest and most convenient. With a moderate sized facility, this gym does stay busy, but allows you to get to whatever machine, weight or treadmill you might need. With a flat fee of $35 a month and $10 for the keycard you can have unfettered access to the SAM fit facility 24/7. You also have access to the three other facilities in the Willamette Valley.

Anytime Fitness

If you’re a frequent traveler, Anytime Fitness may be the right gym for you. At $37 a month you have access to any facility, anywhere, anytime of day. Located right off of Kings Blvd. you’ll be able to sign up for a small-moderate size gym and take comfort in the fact that wherever you go, you’ll have a gym nearby.

Snap Fitness

Located off of 9th Street and NW Circle Blvd, there is a nice facility that utilizes the same convenience of 24/7 access of any facility nationwide. To start a membership requires an initial $30 monthly payment along with an additional $25 for a keycard for your unlimited access. Like all of the other gyms in Corvallis, they offer the best equipment and work with your schedule to allow you to plan your day accordingly.

In the end of it all, these gyms come down to personal preference. Wherever you feel the most comfortable is what matters most in choosing the right gym for you. All of the gyms offer updated equipment and extended hours to encourage students to get outside of their comfort zone and look beyond the horizon of Dixon Recreation. Dixon will always be number one in our hearts though. Go Beavs and happy hunting!  

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