It’s Officially Here: the 2017 Beaver Baseball Season

It’s Officially Here: the 2017 Beaver Baseball Season

Alex Luther

There’s something about the sport that just brings joy. Maybe it’s the chirping birds, the warmth of sunshine or the feeling of spring with the promise of summer, but baseball is the all-American sport that marks a momentous occasion every year.

Here at Oregon State University, baseball is a whole other level of occasion. With two College World Series titles under their belts from just over a decade ago, the team is ready to face a year coming off of a snub at the hands of the College World Series Selection Committee. After finishing last season strong with several hiccups along the trail, many expected the team to be selected for the CWS Tournament. Despite popular belief OSU Baseball won the last few games needed to place them into the tournament, but the committee team decided otherwise and the Beavers were one of the first teams out of the tournament during the selection process. This only provides fuel to the fire for the upcoming season.

The Beavers kicked off this 2017 season with a tournament in Surprise, Arizona spanning nine games and eight days. The first half of the tournament brought four wins: two against Duke, winning 6-3 in one game and 11-2 in the other; and two wins against Indiana, winning 1-0 in one game and 4-1 in the second. After a few days rest, the team pummelled Nebraska in a 10-1 win in the second half of the tournament. The team’s winning streak was halted the next game with a loss to Ohio State and a score of 1-6. However, the Beaver Baseball continued to battle. The team once again beat Nebraska, this time with a score of 5-2 and followed the win by defeating the team that had halted their progress earlier in the tournament: the Ohio State Buckeyes. In a vengeful win, the Beavers beat the Buckeyes with a score of 5-1, ending their time in Arizona with a 7-1 record to start their season.

Beaver Baseball returns home and will face the UC Davis Aggies this upcoming weekend for the first home games of the season. With the projected weather of possible rain, the Beavers face a significant home-field advantage against a team from Northern California coming off a week of temperatures in the 60’s and sunshine. This last year, Goss Stadium was named the 10th most difficult park for opponents to play at, which was voted on by coaches across the nation.

For the official opening weekend of baseball, head to Goss Stadium and support the OSU Baseball team in their games versus UC Davis. The fan base and atmosphere of student interest can only increase the team’s fire and desire to build a winning streak once again. Brave the weather and support the Beavers as they battle the Aggies in this weekend’s series. The games begin Friday at 5:35 pm and continue Saturday at 1:35 pm and Sunday at 1:05 pm. Be a part of the beginning of a season that marks a new year and hopefully a new path to the College World Series! #GoBeavs



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