A Guide to Following the Beavs on the Road

A Guide to Following the Beavs on the Road

Maddie Bradshaw

Whether it’s the women’s basketball team in the final four, a semi-final wrestling match or a double-header baseball game on a sunny day, it can be hard to follow Beavers on the road. Each team is constantly traveling all over the country. As students, it’s our obligation to root for and support our fellow Beavers. If the team is playing at home or away, here are some tips on how to stay up to date on all Beaver athletics.

Social Media is one of the most efficient ways to stay in the know when the team is away. Every Oregon State team/club has a social media account that you can follow. Many teams use Twitter for updates, and will often have someone live tweeting during the game. Athletes typically use Instagram as well, to give you more insight to the players via pictures and videos. A good place to get connected is to follow @BennytheBeaver on Twitter and Instagram for updates on games, stats and promotions.

Local radio is another way to get connected to Beaver sports. A lot of away games will be broadcasted on the radio live. This is common for football, basketball and baseball. Orange Media Network offers a radio channel, KBVR 88.7 FM, where sportscasters often catch fans up on all things Beaver Athletics. You can follow KBVR FM on twitter at @KBVR_FM, and Instagram at @kbvrfm to learn more about when to tune in for sports coverage.

A great source besides radio and social media is to visit the Beaver Athletics website at http://www.osubeavers.com. The website is a great source for any questions you might have about when a team is playing at home and when a team is on the road. The website offers tickets, team rosters, schedules, fan zone and more. This website has every season and every team. One helpful tip is to bookmark the page on your computer and go back and look at the schedule frequently so you can decide ahead of time which home or away games to go to.

The closest Pac 12 team to us is the University of Oregon. Each team has to play the Ducks several times throughout any given season. So if you’re looking to catch a Civil War game, the drive to Eugene from Corvallis is around 45 minutes. Make it a fun little road trip and carpool with some friends to represent the Beavers in Eugene.

All of these tips are right in your reach. Student athletes dedicate a lot of time to playing sports, and it’s our duty as their fellow students to support them in any way we can! Get on your phone and follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget to tune in to KBVR on 88.7 FM radio. With these tips, you can now become the ultimate Beaver super fan! #GoBeavs

Photography by Reyn Ignacio

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