February 15th: The REAL Holiday

February 15th: The REAL Holiday

Alex Luther

We all know the REAL holiday of February is February 15th. Everyone from the romantics who appreciate Valentine’s Day to those who believe the holiday is a con from the candy and card companies can admit that the day after is the actual holiday. Here are 8 reasons why February 15th is the real holiday:

1. Movie theaters are less crowded: The first weeks of February prove to provide several movie releases. On Valentine’s Day, couples flock to the movies. However, February 15th lets groups of friends or individuals go see a movie without worrying about the massive numbers of couples.

2. Restaurants, also less crowded: The fact that every single somewhat nice restaurant is packed on February 14th makes for a difficult time on the town for groups of friends and singles wanting to indulge. The night after, especially if it’s a weeknight, makes it easier for those who aren’t in relationships and those in relationships that choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day to enjoy the night out.

3. Cheap flowers: Make February 15th your Valentine’s Day! With the cheaper flowers after the raised prices for the holiday, a bouquet of roses won’t pack a second set of thorns with the high prices.

4. The stores change colors: If you’re not a fan of pink or red, chin up; this is the day stores will begin stocking for the next big holiday: St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re not a fan of green or gold–something common as students of Oregon State University–fear not, because spring is soon after St. Patrick’s Day and new colors will come soon with summer on the horizon. And speaking of spring…

5. We are one day closer to spring: While some people complain about how it will now be 364 days–365 if it happens to be a leap year–before the next Valentine’s Day, we all know we should really focus on one thing, spring. As of February 15th, spring is less than 35 days away, which means more sunshine is on it’s way. Something as Oregonians we always appreciate.

6. President’s Day: While we may not have the day off from school, it means that some people are able to have the day off of work or request the day off. A slight positive to look forward to.

7. Spring Break: It is just around the corner! As of February 15th, we will be just over a month away from Spring Break, something worth getting stoked about! One. Day. Closer. SPRANG BREAK.

8. The best of all…cheap chocolate: When all of the chocolate and Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale, you can now stock up for however long you need to last to the next holiday. Here’s a tip: store your chocolate in the freezer or the refrigerator to make it last longer. Just take note that the chocolate should be slowly brought back to room temperature to help maintain its flavor.

Whether you’re single and looking to mingle, happy and sappy in a relationship, or alone and growing in confidence, you have to admit, February 15th is a much better holiday than February 14th.

Photography by Aki Tolentino (via unsplash.com)

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