10 PAC Classes You Didn’t Know You Could Take at OSU

10 PAC Classes You Didn’t Know You Could Take at OSU

Emma Irvin

Fortunately, Oregon State offers many PAC, or Physical Activity Courses, for students to enroll in each term. There are so many courses offered that it may be difficult to narrow down which ones are right for you. Because of this, BD has curated a list of some classes you may not have been aware of before. Be sure to double check what term a PAC class that interests you is available as some are not offered all school year!

1. Fly Fishing – PAC 178

Oregon State has not one, but a series of fly fishing courses! This series will take you from beginner skills like equipment selection, lure making and basic casting all the way to fishing for steelhead, trout and bass with no problem. Fly fishing will teach you what you need to know and take you out onto the river to test your skills.

2. Wilderness First Responder – PAC 329 ALI

If you spend a lot of time outside and away from civilization this class could be a great resource! This course will teach you how to assess and respond to common outdoor emergencies, both alone and in a group, through practice scenarios and tons of hands on learning. You’ll learn about wilderness medicine, common injuries and how to rescue individuals as part of a team. To finish the course you’ll head out into the McDonald-Dunn Forest to practice a group rescue scenario in the field. Keep in mind that CPR certification is a required to enroll in this course!

3. Rock Climbing and Yoga – PAC 299 (Special Topics)

Do you get bored during a two hour yoga class? Do you wish you had more time to decompress after an hour of rock climbing? Don’t worry, this class has got your back. This two hour class is split between an hour of rock climbing followed by an hour of yoga. You’ll learn basic rock climbing techniques and simple yoga sequences to round out your fitness program.

4. Disc Golf – PAC 182

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it because this class will teach you everything you need to know about disc golf. You’ll learn rules, etiquette, techniques and strategies with plenty of off-campus practice time to really learn the sport.

5. Hiking Local Trails – PAC 300 ALI

This class meets once a week on Friday afternoons to hike and learn how to do it well with others. You’ll learn how to navigate, choose your equipment, basic first aid and how to leave no trace when using local forests. If you’re looking for a great way to get out into nature and learn a little outside of the classroom, this is a great course for you.

6. Scuba: Open Water – PAC 242

If you can swim 200 yards, survival float for ten minutes and are in good health then you are a perfect candidate for open water scuba! This class will teach you everything you need to know about open water scuba diving with a part lecture, part pool and part open water class structure culminating in a Professional Association of Diving Instructors diving certification so you can use keep using your new skills.

7. Backpacking – PAC 304 ALI

Backpacking can seem daunting, especially when you remember you have to carry anything and everything you might need on your back, but this class will break it down and make it simple. This class will teach you how to correctly use a map and compass, choose your equipment, pack your bag, filter your water, cook your food, take care of yourself AND how to leave no trace in the process. If all of that great information wasn’t enough this class ends with an overnight backpacking trip where you can test your new skills.

8. Relaxation – PAC 201

School can be stressful and sometimes all you need is a quiet place to sit to focus on relaxation. Relaxation will teach you how to relieve stress through posture awareness, gentle stretching and creative imagination. What’s better than a physical education class that requires almost no movement?

9. Half Marathon Training – PAC 214

Participating in a half marathon is fun, but designing and implementing a training program that will help you get there isn’t, so OSU did it for you. This class will help you train and prepare for a 13.1 mile run at the end of the term and will focus on running and walking ability. If you want to participate in a half marathon, but don’t want to run the entire time, don’t worry, this class is open to all levels!

10.  Billiards (Pool) – PAC 121

You see the tables everywhere, you only kind of know the rules, you’re embarrassed to play in public; it’s okay, OSU can help you dominate in the game of pocket billiards. In this class you’ll learn the rules, strategies and variations of this classic game so that you’ll never feel embarrassed again. Get ready to start winning.

Photography by Carl Heyerdahl (via unsplash.com)

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