Finding a Home on 3rd Floor LINC

Finding a Home on 3rd Floor LINC

Alex Luther

Oregon State University has many colleges for numerous pathways towards education and careers. Whether it be the College of Engineering, the College of Business, the College of Public Health or another college on campus, all have wonderful professors to guide students towards their goals. One lesser known OSU college is the University Honors College, which is housed on the 4th floor of LINC and includes SLUG on the 3rd floor.

The Honors College Student Learning Center (SLC) was originally located across campus from its current location in LINC, in the basement of Strand Agricultural Building. While housed in this previous location, the SLC was nicknamed the SLUG, or the Student Learning UnderGround. When the Learning Innovation Center–or LINC–opened in Fall of 2015, the SLUG was relocated to its new location in LINC 340. Despite no longer being underground, the center maintained its nickname in honor of the previous location.

As the building is slowly reaching its two year anniversary of being open for students, LINC has slowly begun to become a home for many. It houses the Honors College and the SLUG for Honors College students, but the countless interactive and innovative study areas allow any student to find their niche within the building.

A wall of purple couches may seem odd at first glance, but the comfortable and accessible study/lounge area is a perfect spot for students to relax, take a nap or crank out an assignment. Massive windows and a floor filled with movable chairs, ottomans and tables grant the ability for students to study near the sunlight on a sunny afternoon–an important necessity in the often dreary winters of Oregon.

With spring less than fifty days away and winter break only a few weeks behind us in our rearview mirrors, the difficulty to feel at home is simply overwhelming at times. Many are itching for spring break, especially with midterms rapidly approaching. The struggle continuously pops up in an attempt to slow any student down. But this building does exactly what its name implies: it prompts learning in innovative and unconventional environments to advance student education and progress. Whether a student of the Honors College or simply a student looking for a new spot to call your “home”, the third floor in LINC has something for everybody.



Photography by Reyn Ignacio

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