To Shop or Not to Shop? | Black Friday Shopping

To Shop or Not to Shop? | Black Friday Shopping

Maddie Bradshaw

Black Friday shopping has become a modern Thanksgiving tradition that is viewed as a good thing and a bad thing by many Americans. Some think of this tradition as a social event. People eat Thanksgiving dinner and then hit the mall with friends searching for the best deals. Others see this holiday as a distraction from the true meaning of Thanksgiving. We’ve broken down the pros and the cons of Black Friday shopping. Let’s start with the cons:


1. Are You Really Saving Money?

Some people say that Black Friday deals are not the “door busting” deals that advertisements claim they are. So are you really saving by waking up at 5 a.m. to shop ‘til you drop

2. The Lines

Waiting, waiting and more waiting. For avid Black Friday shoppers, they skip the turkey dinner and head straight to the stores first thing Thursday morning. People wait in lines for over 12 hours at a time to catch a good deal. These are the dedicated shoppers.

3. Injuries

Yes, there are stories of people who have been injured while Black Friday shopping. As soon as the doors open, people run into the stores, leaving others to be trampled.

4. Sleep Loss

Some wake up at 5 a.m., or chose to not sleep at all. Whether you’re going to one store, or hitting up the entire mall, you are likely to be groggy for a few days afterwards.

5. Missing Out on Family Time

Going Black Friday shopping means missing out on quality time that you could be spending with your family. Being a college student, there is only a few weeks for winter break, and only a few days for thanksgiving break. This is a time to make the most out of seeing the family.


1. Great Deals

If do Black Friday shopping right, you can find some great deals and save money. Be smart about it!

2. Early Christmas Shopping

Going Black Friday shopping could mean that you get all of your Christmas shopping done in one night, so the rest of your holiday season can be spent hanging out with family instead of last minute shopping for gifts.

3. It’s Fun and Social

Get a group of friends together and hit the mall. This can be a fun way to catch up with some old friends, or go with your family!

4. Experience the ‘Hype’

If you have ever been Black Friday shopping at a busy mall, or at a Walmart for example, then you know how entertaining this experience can be. There are some crazy shoppers out there and it might be worth your time to experience it at least once.

5. Make It a Tradition

Shopping at midnight on Thanksgiving can become a fun tradition to do with family and friends. It can turn into an experience that you all look forward to each year after that delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

So, there you have it! The pros and cons of Black Friday shopping. Are the deals and the crowds worth it for you? Then hit the streets and go score on some Black Friday gifts this week! Value your sleep and quality family time? Stay in and wait for Cyber Monday deals. Whatever you choose, stay safe out there Beavs!

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