Dare to Dance | OSU Ballroom Dance Club

Dare to Dance | OSU Ballroom Dance Club

Alex Luther

Nearly everyone wants to be able to dance; it’s one of those things people wish they could do better, but are often afraid to take the steps to learn. Whether it is embarrassment, fear of the unknown, or simply the belief of having two left feet, beginning dance lessons is a challenge. However, beginning lessons is really not as difficult as it seems. The Ballroom Dance Club here at the Oregon State University is the perfect venue for beginning to learn the dances you’ve always wanted to know.

Every Wednesday in Women’s Building 116, the Ballroom Dancing Club has an hour long lesson from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. to teach the dance style of the week. A dance directly follows the lesson and continues until 10 p.m., which gives everyone a chance to practice the moves just learned and those known from previous lessons or experience.

Fear not! A partner is not required for an individual to attend the free lesson and dance. The lessons are set up as a social dance, where a dancer changes partners every few minutes. This is a wonderful way to meet new people and rids the uncomfortable feeling of trying to find a partner ahead of time. Even though this may seem awkward, everyone has the same awkward feeling and are generally all learning the dance for the first time as well.

Dance styles for the lessons are decided at the beginning of the term. This Wednesday will include a lesson for the samba, followed by the polka in week 7 and the rhumba in week 8. Week 9 does not have a dance and week 10 does not have a lesson due to dead week and finals. 

So whether you’re a pro at the promenade or a rookie at the rhumba, the Ballroom Dance Club has you covered. You’re welcome to stay for as long as you feel comfortable during the dance, but you won’t be able to resist showing off the new moves you learn. You’ll walk away from the class with a newfound confidence on the dance floor and out the door. You might even surprise yourself! Plus, who knows when being able to dance the tango could help you somewhere in life?

Photography by Quentin Keller (via unsplash.com)

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