21 Signs You’re an Oregon State Beaver

21 Signs You’re an Oregon State Beaver

Brittni Cooper

Being an Oregon State Beaver is something to take pride in and it is also a way of life. If any of these signs pertain to you, you’re definitely a Beaver.

1. You’ve Danced with Mike.

2. “Win or Lose, We Still”…celebrate. 

3. You don’t think twice about diving into a Riva’s burrito.

4. You’ve studied in the Valley Library at all hours of the day (including after 2 a.m.).

5. Tailgating for you usually begins no later than 10 a.m. on game day. 

6. You avoid walking through the MU Quad at ALL COSTS. 

7. CSI means something very different to you.

8. You’ve slept on the Memorial Union couches between classes.

9. You know how to play the Native American flute.

10. There is a photo in your library of you in front of Weatherford as a freshman.

11. Singing karaoke at the Peacock or Harrison’s is a rite of passage. 

12. You consider Dam Jam a spring term holiday.

13. You’ve eaten Cheesy Stuffed Burgers, Jimmy Johns, or Qdoba after midnight… twice this week.

14. Friday classes aren’t a thing. 

15. You only travel to Eugene for Voodoo Donuts and Civil War sporting events.

16. Orange and black have taken over your wardrobe. 

17. SHASTA–You’ve been there. On a houseboat. With all of your friends.

18. You appreciate each of the seasons, especially a sunny day on campus or a snow day.

19. Each fall when you return for classes, there’s a new building on campus (a.k.a. Johnson Hall). 

20. You’ve given up on trying to find parking anywhere near campus. 

21. You live the #GoBeavs lifestyle. 

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